Braulio Fernandez Ecological Park, Ciudad Acuña

From KPRC 2 investigative reporter Robert Arnold: At the camp, hundreds of families could be seen living in tents, sleeping bags, and under tarps tied to trees. People were even seen on the roof of a one story park building. Medicos sin Fronteras (Doctors without Borders) had a truck there for medical aid and Cruz Roja (Red Cross) was also there. We saw the Promise Land church show up with a truckload of personal hygiene products and there were other people in the camp cooking food for the migrants. Many said they are still hopeful they can remain in the United States. One man did say after spending two nights in the Texas camp, he came back to Mexico and will likely wind up staying there and looking for work. One thing I think is important to point out, many of the Haitian migrants who walked across the border were already living in Central and South America, some for years. Many said jobs dried up where they were and they realized their home country wasn’t getting better. There has been a political assassination and an earthquake just this year. These individuals are referred to as part of the Haitian Diaspora. This is anecdotal but many decided this summer to come to the U.S. so they tried to get as much money as they could and then coordinated travel with others.