VIDEO: Parent trips youth basketball player during game

ROCKLIN, Calif. – Shocking video captures the moment a parent sitting court side at a youth basketball tournament in California appeared to stick out her leg to trip a player from the competing team. 

KTXL reported players aged 10 and under, coaches and parents from the Cornerstone Basketball Academy, based in Vallejo, traveled miles away to take part in the Hardwood Palace Tournament on Mother’s Day against the Folsom Elite Basketball Academy. 

Eugene Solano, director of the Vallejo team, says he was first notified by his players during the game of unsportsmanlike conduct from a parent sitting on the bench.

“One of the kids during the time-out had said, ‘Hey coach, there’s a parent on the sideline, there’s a woman wearing a pink hat, and she’s telling their kids to elbow us in the face,’” Solano said.  

Solano says coaches and parents often record video highlights to show back to their kids. 

He says the same footage also showed the woman appearing to stick out her foot while a 9-year-old Vallejo player dribbled the ball past her. 

“Many of times there’s not some recording, where you don’t see this type of thing happening,” Solano said. “For us, are there other parents that would take youth athletics this seriously where you would attempt to harm a child?” 

Both directors from the Folsom Elite Basketball Academy issued a joint statement in response to the footage saying, “We have been made aware of the video and we have addressed the situation with the parent involved directly. It is our policy to manage all disciplinary matters in a way that is effective and productive so we can eliminate incidents in the future.”

The general manager says they've asked that the woman not to return. He went on to say both organizations are great teams that hold their members accountable.