MD Anderson cancer patient wins $100,000 from Diesel Brothers

In this image taken from a Facebook video, Diesel Dave talks to Abel Fonseca who was the winner of $100,000, on Jan. 20, 2019.
In this image taken from a Facebook video, Diesel Dave talks to Abel Fonseca who was the winner of $100,000, on Jan. 20, 2019. (Diesel Dave/Facebook)

HOUSTON – Being treated for an illness isn’t an inexpensive notion for most people, and if you’re cancer patient you could rack up some serious medical costs.

Now, imagine you’re being treated for cancer and find out that you’ve just won $100,000. That’s exactly what happened for one man who is being treated at MD Anderson in Houston.

In a video published Sunday on Facebook by “Diesel Dave” Kiley, one of the stars of “Diesel Brothers” on the Discovery Channel, he calls Abel Fonseca to inform him of the big prize.

The phone call started off innocently enough, with Kiley pretending that he’s checking on an order that Fonseca, who is from San Benito, Texas, has placed on the website for Kiley’s customized diesel rides business based in Utah.

“Yeah. You got a T-shirt,” Kiley said. “I was just looking at your order, and something came up on it. Is a T-shirt all you ordered?”

That’s when the call takes an emotional turn.

“I don’t remember, boss, to be honest,” Fonseca said. “It’s because, I’ve been ordering, I know I’ve ordered from there maybe a couple of times to my house. Right now, I’m in Houston. I’m a cancer patient right now. Man, I’m going through cancer. I don’t really remember.”

Kiley is stunned.


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$100,000.00 WINNER!!! The best part of our business is doing giveaways and meeting the winners! It’s especially awesome when everything falls into place for someone to win who really needs it and deserves it! Here is the phone call of when I got to tell Abel Fonseca he just won himself $100,000.00!!

Posted by Diesel Dave on Sunday, January 20, 2019


Kiley: “What cancer do you got?”

Fonseca: “I have leukemia.”

Kiley: “Leukemia -- how long have you been fighting that?”

Fonseca: “Almost about a year, but we got good news this year, so I have a bone marrow transplant coming in on the 15th, and then I have a 100-day recovery, and I should be home with my family after that.”

Kiley goes on to explain that he not only ordered a T-shirt, but also $100,000 cash.

“I was the lucky winner?” Fonseca asked. “Are you serious, my man?”

Fonseca’s voice starts to quiver as Kiley become teary-eyed himself.

“To me, it sounds like it’s not going to anybody who needs it more,” Kiley said.

“I’m laying in my hospital bed right now, bro,” Fonseca said. “I appreciate -- God bless you, man.”

The video closes by telling Fonseca the Diesel Brothers will see him in Houston.

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