Girl's love for bacon is hilarious

(Marl Posadas/Facebook)

DALY CITY, Calif. – If you're not a big fan of meat, then you might not be able to relate to 4-year-old Jameira Posadas' extreme love for bacon.

Jameira's father, Marl Posadas, shared a super-cute video on Facebook of his daughter outside a store on Sunday freaking out over a packet of Tyson bacon.

[Watch the video below]

"Yay, you're not gonna get cooked. You're not gonna get cooked," Jameira said as she looked at the bacon intently and kissed it.

Apparently, this is not anything new for Posadas.

"Well, every time she sees bacon she always says something about the bacon," Posadas said.

Posadas said that as they were leaving the store Sunday night, Jameira told him she wanted to carry it because it was her best friend.

"I love you so much, and I'll never let go of you - ever. I love you." Jameira said.

As we all know, bacon isn't exactly the healthiest  food. Posadas said he's aware of her love for it, but he and Jameira's mother make sure they don't feed it to her all the time.