4 easy travel tips to keep you, your family safe

ORLANDO, Fla – It is peak summer travel season, a time for fun and relaxation. But no matter where you're headed, safety should be your No. 1 priority. 

Here are four easy ways you can keep yourself and your family safe:

1) Download a free app to help you avoid high-risk areas in unfamiliar cities.

Free apps like Chirpy, Mayday and TripWhistle show you dangerous areas and also tell how to contact local law enforcement departments wherever you are. Find an app you like and download it before you leave home. 

2) Have a plan of where you're going and how to get there.

Travel.state.gov has safety information for each country. There is also a guide for female travelers that is good for everyone. 
3) Divide up your cash and bring two phones.

In case you're robbed, you won't lose everything.

4) Consider carrying pepper spray and bringing a rubber doorstop for your hotel room.

The door stop can keep doors from being pushed open.