Tips to help you keep you, your family safe this holiday weekend

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HOUSTON – It’s officially Memorial Day weekend.

With school out and heat setting in, the holiday marks the unofficial start of summer.

But before lighting up the grill, heading to the beach or pool, the American Red Cross has some tips to help make sure you and your family stay safe during the long weekend.

Water Safety

1) Prevent unsupervised access to water - even small amounts.

2) Stay within arm's reach of young children and new swimmers.

3) Make sure your children are following the rules.

4) Always wear a U.S. Coast Guard life jacket when on a boat or if a situation is above someone's skill level.

5) Everyone should have a swim buddy and there should always be a designated "water watcher."

Grilling Tips

1) Always monitor a grill when in use.

2) Never add starter fluid to coals that have already been ignited.

3) Never grill inside an enclosed area.

4) Always keep the grill in an open space away from anything that could catch fire.

5) Use long-handled tools when cooking.

Be Safe in a Crowd

1) Always stay with a group, but have multiple methods of communication in case you get lost or separated.

2) Before heading out, find out what the establishment allows people to bring in order to avoid having to throw anything out.

3) Dress appropriately and be ready for potential changes in the weather.

4) Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly.

5) Know where exits and shelters are in case you have to evacuate or seek cover due to weather.

6) Be on the lookout for suspicious activity and don't be afraid to report packages or people to authorities.

The American Red Cross had many other tips and resources to stay safe for the summer. For more information, visit the Red Cross website.

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