Travel frenzy: How to make it to your destination on time

HOUSTON – It’s the final countdown before Thanksgiving, and people are flocking to Houston airports for last-minute travel plans.

People flooded Hobby Airport Wednesday for early-morning flights. 

According to the Houston Airport System, nearly 2 million passengers are expected to travel through George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and William P. Hobby Airport for the holiday.

“I always leave early for flights. Excessively early. (I) just don’t want to miss anything,” said Hobby Airport traveler Jake Quaytman.

For Wednesday alone, about 50,000 people are expected at Hobby and 120,000 at IAH.

Mallory Thomassie is one of them. She is heading to New Orleans, Louisiana for the holiday. Thomassie said she is already thankful.

“Just family and the ability to travel and see my family. I think that’s the most important thing,” she said.

KPRC2 reporter Taisha Walker spoke to Bill Begly with the Houston Airport System and he recommended people pack their patience and to give themselves ample time.

“Come prepared. Make sure that you know when your flight takes off, what time you have to be there,” Begly said. “Give yourself a little extra time, because it’s going to be really busy. You’re talking about flights that are going to have 85 to 90 percent capacity, so it’s going to take a little bit of time to get people in and out of planes … and get everything taken care of to get you processed. Give yourself a little extra time, a couple hours at least, before your boarding time.”

Begly also recommends people be ready when they get to the TSA checkpoint and to make sure all the necessary items have been removed and put where they need to go so as to not hold up the line.

Traveling Texans

About four million Texans are expected to drive to their Thanksgiving Day destinations this year, according to AAA Texas. Which means many people will stop at Buc-ee’s across the state to use their notoriously clean bathrooms, get some snacks and fill up their tanks.

“Personally I came here to get some fuel and fudge,” laughed Trey Bonner as he and his wife, Suzanne, made a stop to the Buc-ee’s off of 290 in Waller.

"We were concerned about the little bit of traffic, but it's been great so far,” said Suzanne. “We expect some traffic, I mean, it's just the holiday season."

The couple is also traveling with their son, Clayton and his fiancé, Gabrielle Hernandez. They are all headed to their family ranch in Abilene and this Thanksgiving there will be a lot to talk about with the new news.

“I’m grateful for my family and my future family and Clayton specifically this life, this life that God has blessed us with,” said Hernandez as she looked at her fiancé.

Other drivers said they don’t mind traveling because it’s bonding time for their families.

"So far, it's going really nice, we're having a good time, we're going down to Lake Charles and eating the big buffet tomorrow,” said Sharon Jackson who is traveling from the Austin area to Louisiana.

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