Road 2 The Holidays: Travel toolkit

HOUSTON – 7.6 million Texans are expected to hit the roads over the next 10 days according to AAA Texas.

In light of that, here is a compilation of travel tips from several families already on the road.

1 – Don’t feel bad about the amount of screen time your kids are getting. Yes, there are many, many studies out there which emphasize keeping those minutes as low as possible. Road trips, however, can be considered special occasions and the trade-off of some extra screen time for everyone else’s sanity is a good one.

2 – Pack snacks. A lot of snacks. Nothing can make a trip worse than someone being hungry, both kid and adult. Oftentimes, if a child or spouse is starting to fuss a little something to eat will set things right again.

3 – Come prepared with some of those “old school” travel games. Engaging your family through 20 Questions, I Spy, the Alphabet Game, etc. can help pass the time, strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories. Singing also goes a long way.

4 – Try and schedule your trip during a time when kids would be napping / sleeping. A sleeping child is a peaceful child. Not only will it help that young one pass the time, but they will arrive at their destination with a much happier disposition.

5 – Have several age-appropriate apps already downloaded. There are hundreds of free apps out there designed to both entertain and educate kids of all different ages. Some simple searching is all it takes to find them but two parents we spoke with suggested 22Learn, LLC and Fisher Price as good app makers to start with.

6 – Secure your devices. If you’ll be handing over your phone or tablet to a youngster there are certain steps you can take to ensure they don’t accidentally delete anything or worse. On iOS turn on “Guided Access” (settings, general, accessibility) which allows you to lock the device into one app until the proper passcode is entered. For Android users you can create a guest profile and set the limit of access that user has.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

Here's some resources that will help make your holiday travel easier:


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