Online tools help control email spam

Websites work to keep your inbox clean

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HOUSTON - Controlling email spam can seem like a constant struggle with your inbox, especially around the holiday season. Retailers this year are starting their email campaigns earlier and are also sending out more of them.

Now there are three new online services to help you filter spam, and still track the good deals.

Each gives you a dashboard that looks a little like Pinterest for tracking the same deals you would if you were on a retailer's email list.

The Today Show found Shopilly imports spam and commercial messages from your inbox. It can also delete the original messages from your inbox and even archive them in a special folder.

Azigo is another service that turns spam into a streaming visual matrix. It also provides you with an email address to give out instead of your personal email.

Hipiti is different from the other two, because it doesn't interact with your inbox. Instead, you pick out brands to follow on your dashboard as if you subscribed to their email list.

It also has a deal-filtering mechanism so you can sort deals by expiration date, free shipping or those containing coupon codes.

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