Get TV on the go with Dyle Mobile TV device

By Owen Conflenti - Anchor

HOUSTON - It's mobile TV like never before. It's TV on the go. A way to take your favorite Local 2 shows with you. Unlike traditional portable TV's that have to stay in one place, Dyle Mobile TV is meant to go on the road.

Making the connection is simple: Buy the device; download the free app and search for all the live broadcast channels in your area. No monthly subscription fees, just the initial purchase of the device. And it works in other big cities, not just in Houston.

What's more, the device does not use valuable gigabytes from your data plan. Dyle's Mobile TV takes the signal straight from the TV tower, then wirelessly connects to your smart phone, tablet, or other device via wi-fi.

Dyle Mobile TV probably won't replace your big screen at home. The signal has been modified especially for smaller screens like mobile devices and tablets. But it's an exciting development for viewers looking for free TV on the go.

The Dyle Mobile TV device could be especially useful during severe weather. When the power goes out and cell phones won't connect, Dyle Mobile TV will let you access life-saving information on live TV. If we're on the air, you'll be able to watch from anywhere.

Right now the devices are available at special holiday pricing for $99. The devices available on and at retail stores such as Radio Shack.

We do want to note that our parent company Post-Newsweek is a part owner of Dyle Mobile TV.

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