Scam alert: That text message about a FedEx delivery might not be legit

AP Images/Twitter
AP Images/Twitter (AP Images/Twitter)

HOUSTON – Scammers are using a text message about pending package deliveries to harvest customer information, credit card numbers and sign them up for an expensive monthly service.

According to HowToGeek.com, people have been getting a text message that informs them that a package delivery is awaiting instructions. It includes a link which sends people to a fake Amazon satisfaction survey.

The customer is instructed that if they fill out the survey, they can claim a “Thank You” gift, according to the tech website. When it comes time to claim that gift, the customer is told to provide credit card information to cover the shipping costs.

It turns out that by providing that information and agreeing to the terms, the customer is signing up for a $98.95 monthly subscription service, according to the website.

Experts said people should immediately delete the text message and block the number using their phone’s blocking feature. A spam report is also recommended if the phone has that feature.

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