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HOUSTON - If there is anything I have learned from Tuesday night's results show it is the following:

1. Cee Lo and Kermit the Frog have SO much in common. Also Cee Lo sings. And he sings awesomely.

2. Carson Daly has both a super-late-night TV show AND a super-early radio show? When does he sleep!? That must explain why his eyes are always open so wide. They're stapled that way

3. Nicholas David's hair choices—both facial and otherwise—are simply inspired. By homeless people.

As for your results: leaving the competition are Cody Belew from Team Cee Lo and Dez Duron from Team Xtina.

Again, I am a solid 50% in touch with America. And Xtina now has zero dogs left in the fight. Will she continue to show up for tapings? Will she leave a cherry bomb in her big red swivel chair in revolt? Will she show up—gasp—BALD?! I have no reason to believe the last one will happen. I just think it'd be funny/awesome.


And with that, I give you the Top 6:

From Team Adam:
- Melanie Martinez
- Amanda Brown

From Team Cee Lo:
- Nicholas David
- Trevin Hunte

From Team Blake:
- Cassadee Pope
- Terry McDermott

From Team Xtina:

Did you miss the full episode? Not to worry, you can check out the whole shebang, including live performances from a whole slew of contestants, right here on the KPRC Prime Blog:

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