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HOUSTON - Well HOT DAMN, people! Now this is what I call a SHOW! Tonight all of the contestants performed twice—one song of their own choosing and another of their coach's. Let the games begin!

Nicholas David started off the night with his weakest performance to date of Earth, Wind and Fire's "September." I totally understand why Cee Lo picked this song for Nick, because the song started off great and Nick was doing is signature Weird, but then things slowly but surely deflated until I just wanted it to be over. As the coaches pointed out, the big mistake here was wimping out on the "Ahh-ee-ahh" part of the chorus that everyone knows and loves. All of that said, Nicholas is still one of my favorites and if everyone else hadn't been so INCREDIBLY AWESOME, this performance probably wouldn't have seemed as disappointing as it did.

Next up was Cassadee Pope, Xtina's new favorite girl crush, singing "Stand" by Rascal Flatts. Yes, the last time Cassadee sang a country song she did very well, but I'm not sure this was the best song Blake could've chosen. There just wasn't enough impact for the majority of the song, even though she did take it home at the end there. This was definitely not the performance she'll be remembered for. That and her hair looked SO DUMB. Stop taking fashion advice from Xtina.

And now, the epic return of Amanda Brown. Amanda couldn't have picked a better song for herself with Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman." It was just what the doctor ordered for a RESURRECTION. All that fire and power and badassery we have been missing these last few weeks came back with a vengeance, because Amanda completely and utterly slaughtered this number. And the cherry on top was, of course, the chorus of badass women belting with sass—Adam taking a page out of the Cee Lo Book of Showstoppers. There were absolutely zero things wrong with this performance, on top of which Amanda looked like she was LIVING on that stage. Welcome back, Amanda.

Amanda Brown Top 6 video 1

Oh where to even begin with Terry McDermott. Terry chose a stripped down version of "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner, and dedicated the performance to the memory of his mother and the strength of his wife. And if that wasn't enough to make you weak, his vocals were PERFECTION. Complete and total perfection. Even the guttural wail at the end was exactly what it needed to be. Terry proved beyond a doubt that he will deliver the big stuff without all the smoke machines and running around and glitter. All the man needs is a microphone, a piano and a little cello and you get MAGIC.

Terry McDermott Top 6 video 1

There was a second resurrection Monday night—Trevin Hunte also returned to the competition and finally gave performances that rivaled and then crushed his original audition. Cee Lo chose "Walkin' on Sunshine," and I was skeptical. I can't lie. But the second Trevin dove into that Motown-style choreography with those horn players and nailed each and every one of those gloriously high ringing notes, I knew he was back. This was the best performance from Trevin in a verrrry long time and I could not stop smiling all the way through the commercial break.

Trevin Hunte Top 6 video 1

I think this might actually be the end for Melanie Martinez. I know I've been saying it for weeks, but this might fiiiiiinally have done it. Her entire performance of Gnarlz Barkley's "Crazy" was CRAZY under-pitch, and the weird doll/baby piano stuff was cool visually but didn't do enough to compensate for an incredibly weak vocal. To be frank, it's time.

Up next was Terry McDermott singing Blake's choice—Rod Stewart's "Stay with Me." This was pure ROCK N' ROLL, and not in the way he's been doing it, but in a new, fun, energetic, badass kind of way. This song would've torn a lesser performer to shreds, but Terry lit'rally tore this to pieces. And the way he handled that microphone was nothing short of rockstar status. Terry's here to stay, y'all.

Terry McDermott Top 6 video 2

But now, for the real showstopper of the night: Trevin Hunte singing "And I Am Telling You" from Dream Girls. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING AND PRAYING FOR THIS ENTIRE SEASON. It was two solid minutes of MOMENT. I got goosebumps every single time I watched it. All 18 times. Not a single moment of mediocrity. This was IT. This was it. This is the Trevin Hunte that could win this entire competition. Stick a fork in me, I'm DONE.

Trevin Hunte Top 6 video 2

And if Amanda Brown's first performance wasn't enough evidence of her resurgence, this performance of White Snake's "Here I Go Again" most certainly convinced me. She looked the quintessential rock star in that full red leather number, and just turned it OUT. Adam picked a winner with this one. And how do we explain Xtina's completely unwarranted dismissal of this performance as anything short of incredible? "Xtina gets really weird and distant when she's jealous of people," explained my sage roommate. It all makes sense now.

Amanda Brown Top 6 video 2

Now Melanie Martinez's performance of Lanka's "The Show" demonstrates one thing: Adam Levine is freaking genius. The staging of this number was absolutely incredible, and made the entire performance memorable in a good way, unlike her last attempt. Even though the little boat rower dude was pulling major focus, this was probably one of the most genius performances of the entire season, entirely from a visual/staging perspective. Was it enough to keep Melanie in the competition? I don't think so. But it's still worth a look-see.

Melanie Martinez Top 6 video

It seems as though this was the night for epic moments, because Cassadee Pope most certainly had hers with (as much as it hurts me to say it) an Avril Levigne song. Plain and simple, she sang the crap out of that number. The song had no more crap left, because she sang it all out. Flawless. You can tell she's been waiting to sing this in front of a lot of people for a really long time.

Cassadee Pope Top 6 video

Nicholas David closed us out with a very St. Nick rendition of "Somewhere over the Rainbow." I'm not sure if it was quite enough to bring him up to the level of Trevin, Amanda, Cassadee and Terry, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. And the ending was just so freaking cool. However, I think this wanted to be more epic than it actually was, unfortunately.

Nicholas David Top 6 video

Dena's predictions: Melanie Martinez and Nicholas David.

Check back to see who makes the Top 4!

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