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HOUSTON - It's time for the coaches to sit back and relax. Their jobs are done. Now it's up to America to decide who moves on and who becomes vocal competition roadkill. It's the Top 12 baby. Let's kick it.

Monday night's performances seemed like they were a complete reversal from last week. The ones I hated last Monday I loved this Monday, and the ones I was expecting greatness from kind of disappointed, starting with Michaela Paige. I loved her last week but found that this week, she was more bark than bite. She wimped out on almost all of P!nk's big notes in "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," and I was confused as to why she was continually shushing the audience. Not to mention, it appears she caught Xtina's glazy eye. The take-home message: don't share glitter eyeliner with Xtina Aguilera.

Next up was Dez Duron who had, without question, his best performance to date, and probably of his entire life. "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" was a perfect song choice. He smoldered, he crooned, he eye-banged as many tweenage girls as he could in the time allotted, and from top to bottom this performance was smokin' hot. This is your niche, Oh Gorgeous One. Stay put.

Dez Duron Top 12

The first time I heard Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl," I was like, "This song must be a monster to perform live." So when I heard Adrianna Louise had picked the song all I thought was, "Good luck GF." But you know what? Homegirl nailed it. And I have to say, I admire a girl that will get all up in Adam Levine's face and straight up flirt. You're doing it for all of us women at home, Adrianna. And we thank you.

Oh, Cody Belew. You know I love you. I really do. But at the end of the day, this is a vocal competition and I'm not sure how far "bam-bam" or sequin-studded personality will take you past this point. It was a solid attempt at Tina Turner's "The Best," but it just wasn't up to the level of the other contestants. It hurts my heart, but I fear this is the end.

Speaking of disappointments, Amanda Brown: what, what, WHAT were you thinking. I love Florence + The Machine as much as the next gal, but "Spectrum" was simply not the right song choice. The song sat in a very strange place in her voice—right on her break, which I didn't know she had. Now is not the time to highlight your weaknesses and I'm afraid this performance did just that. However, I do NOT think it is her time to go, and I hope America let's this one slide.

Amanda Brown Top 12

So I wasn't overwhelmed, I wasn't underwhelmed, and to quote 10 Things I Hate About You, I was just whelmed with Bryan Keith's performance of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black." I love this song, and I love Bryan's voice, but he sang it pretty unremarkably. There was nothing new or exciting and he could have really gone so much further with this. That said, it was one of his better song choices since his Blind Audition, so I commend him for that.

Bryan Keith Top 12

Cassadee Pope was another comeback kid. She owned "Behind These Hazel Eyes," and really made the most of that money note right in the middle by having the band cut out and letting her just wail. This is clearly the kind of the artist she wants to be, and I dig her more than I have since her Blind Audition.

At this point, Trevin Hunte can do no wrong. Even though the song choice might have been a bit over his head subject-matter-wise, vocally this was kind of a masterpiece. Do I think this is the best he can do? No. But was this out of control amazing? Yes. I think he was trying just a hair too hard to be epic instead of just BEING epic, but I must give credit where credit is due and he slaughtered this. End of story.

Trevin Hunte Top 12

Alright, Melanie Martinez. Enough with the cry face. I liked her performance of Young the Giant's "Cough Syrup," but I wasn't blown away. I don't know how far her "uniqueness" is going to take her in this competition, because the novelty is already starting to wear off. In fact, it might have worn off entirely…

Adam Levine really put it perfectly: "Nick, you are so strange and beautiful." Nicholas David's performance of "Power of Love" was great, but it wasn't as awesome as last week. I just don't know that you can beat Barry White. That said, I still love the guy, and always look forward to what he brings to the table.

Sylvia Yacoub, you slay me. To even attempt Celine's "My Heart Will Go On" took some serious ladyballz, and I applaud you. I do want to highlight Xtina's advice to Sylvia that she make this performance "more Beyoncéish." That is a concept I would like to apply to my entire life. Anyway. This wasn't a perfect performance from Syliva, but at this point in the competition I think it's more important to make a piece your own, which she really did. And she sang the freaking Titanic song. That's gotta count for something.

Sylvia Yacoub Top 12

I think Terry McDermott is a freaking boss, and I thought his take on Boston's "More Than a Feeling"  would rival "Baby I'm Amazed." But it didn't. The song might have been a bit too much for him and his voice is starting to show the strain of the competition, which is a shame. This started out fantastically, but got weaker and weaker throughout the performance. I actually HATE his falsetto and thought it highlighted his weaknesses, similar to Amanda Brown. But in spite of all of this, Terry was the consummate rock star. Rock ‘n roll, dear Terry.

Terry McDermott Top 12

My prediction for the bottom two: Cody Belew and Melanie Martinez. We'll see how things play out!

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