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HOUSTON - The Semifinals, a mere hour-long showcase of the top 4 contestants on The Voice, didn't provide the most spectacular of vocal performances, but there sure were a lot of FEELINGS. So many families. So many tears. Just so many feelings.

Trevin Hunte started off the night with, I kid you not, "Wind Beneath My Wings." I mean. Come on. Cee Lo has got to be running out of cheesy, over-the-top power ballads for Trevin to sing, right? And unlike last week, where Trevin could absolutely do no wrong, it felt like Trevin was really struggling throughout this entire song. He whiffed a few of those big notes at the end, and quite frankly sounded like he was just wailing whatever note came out, regardless of whether or not it made sense in the context of the song. This was just not his best performance, end of story. I think he's great, and I'm willing to believe in Trevin based solely on last week's epicness, but this was disappointing. And it was almost even more disappointing to notice that not a single coach called him out on his being under pitch! Come on, coaches. Keep. It. Real.


Speaking of feelings, I had many different emotions during Nicholas David's performance. While I was watching the package, I felt like St. Nick would make the weirdest dad ever. But then when he was staring at his wife and wriggly child singing "You Are So Beautiful," I realized that even dudes with weird facial hair and the occasional strange turban need love, and his performance was chock full of it. Nicholas gave this performance absolutely everything he had, and his passion could potentially push him into the Finals. He sounded top-notch, he looked the least homeless we have seen him this entire season, and I'll be damned if the man doesn't have some beautiful eyes behind all those layers of protective eyewear. Hey nah, St. Nick. Hey to the Nah.


Team Blake came together and sang "White Christmas." I give it a resounding "d'awwww!"

Now little Cassadee Pope started to win me over a few weeks ago but gosh darn it if she didn't seal the deal tonight. Oh my god. I'm talking like Blake Shelton. Can't dwell, must move on. I think Blake just really knows Cassadee's voice and picked a super random but incredibly awesome song for her tonight in Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy." And Cassadee has become so consistent that you know she's going to deliver those epic notes each and every time, flawlessly. Now it's one thing to talk like Blake Shelton, but I get really scared when I start to think like Xtina, and she and I were most def on the same wavelength during Cassadee's performance. Homegirl sounded straight up auto-tuned! She was just perfect. I think what all of this indicates is that I, Dena Propis, should be a coach on The Voice. And as far as Cassadee goes, she firmed up her place in the Finals with this performance.  


Finishing out the Semifinals was Terry McDermott singing "Let It Be." Now maybe it's the accent, but I find Terry to be the most loveable and endearing of all the contestants, including Muffin Teddy Bear Eternal, Trevin Hunte. He's just so freaking EARNEST. And it was during this performance that I realized I think I am firmly ensconced in Camp Blake—with either Cassadee or Terry—for the big win. I just love Terry's voice, and aside from one, maaaaybe two hiccups along the way, Terry has delivered time after time after time. He's been in the biz long enough to know his voice, his limits, how to work a stage, and how to rock a killer leather jacket without looking like a giant tool. No, Terry can't riff like Trevin, or have the soul of Nicholas, or the hair extensions of Cassadee (although by the looks of his dye job he might be trying), but dude sure can sing.


Dena's predictions: Trevin Hunte is going home, leaving Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, and Nicholas David in the Finals. I think Trevin might be just a hair too similar to last year's winner, Jermaine Paul, and the other three contestants bring something new and awesome to the table.

Only one more round of performances left! Be sure to check back with the KPRC Prime Blog for the epic end of Season 3 of The Voice.

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