The Voice, Semifinal Eliminations

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HOUSTON - And then there were four. Last night's eliminations were definitely the toughest yet— going in, I knew this night wouldn't be easy, but I have to say I felt for the judges as they stumbled and mumbled their way through explanations and justifications as to why one person's dreams were realized and the other's crushed. Sure, there were a few obvious choices (cough TEAM BLAKE cough), but even still, it must be pretty awful to get this close to the end and then not make it. But that's life on The Voice!

The Results

Team Xtina:

Xtina's scores: Chris Mann: 50, Lindsey Pavao, 50. I have to admit that it is nearly impossible to compare these two artists because their styles are so incredibly different. Fair enough, Xtina. Fair enough.

Combined with America's scores: Chris Mann: 104, Lindsey Pavao: 96. It was a close one, but Chris Mann will be moving onto the finals to represent Team Xtina!

Dena's Prediction: Correct!

Team Adam:

Adam's scores: Katrina Parker: 40, Tony Lucca: 60. It was absolutely unbearable to listen to Adam talk after giving his scores. He was kicking Katrina off the show before America's scores were even tallied! Awful. He should really never speak and only open his mouth to sing. I was embarrassed for him.

Combined with America's scores: Katrina Parker: 92, Tony Lucca: 108. Tony Lucca moves on to compete in the finals for Team Adam!

Dena's Prediction: Correct!

Team Blake:

Blake's scores: Erin Willett: 50, Jermaine Paul: 50. Now this is just dumb. Jermaine out-performed Erin in every single way possible. No time to be sentimental here, Blake. Grow a pair and be honest.

Combined with America's scores: Erin Willett: 77, Jermaine Paul: 123. Jermaine Paul will represent Team Blake in the final round!

Dena's Prediction: Correct!

Team Cee-Lo:

Cee-Lo's scores: Juliet Simms: 60, Jamar Rogers: 40. This was another one of the painful moments when a coach tried to cover his tush on live national television without much preparation. Or maybe he was just nervous… I don't know. I usually find Cee-Lo to be very articulate and thoughtful, but this was just awkward and unpleasant. I also thought that he should've split his vote 50/50, but that's just because I really do think they both deserve to be in the finals and I wouldn't want a hand in choosing one over the other.

Combined with America's scores: Juliet Simms: 121, Jamar Rogers: 79. Juliet Simms is the last finalist competing in next week's final round for Team Cee-Lo!

Dena's Prediction: Correct, although I am utterly devastated to see Jamar go. I really hope he goes on to do big things, because I will be first in line to buy his album/buy tickets to his concert/be his best friend and confidant.

Tune in next week for the final round of this second season of The Voice!

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