The Voice Season 3 Premiere Part III

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HOUSTON - Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. Wednesday night's episode of The Voice really had it all—some phenomenal highs and some hilariously catastrophic lows (Schadenfreude central!). So let's just dive right in.

Far and away the best audition of the night came from hippie-commune-chick Nicole Nelson. Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" has seen many interpretations, but Nicole's heartfelt, unapologetic, beautifully melodic rendition was not only refreshing (in light of some almost laughably bad auditions), but incredibly memorable. She joins Bryan Keith and Trevin Hunte as the third audition I went back and watched again this season. And like most contestants who find themselves in front of all four judges, she picked Adam as her coach. Check out Nicole's blind audition below and let me know what you thought:


So now, the fun begins. Two auditions. One ended in heartbreak, the other in what will most likely be a sexual harassment case.

Poor, dear, Chris Trousdale. This 27-year-old was once a tween heartthrob you might recognize from the maybe sort of kind of successfulish boyband Dream Street. Wait, you remember him?! No no, you're thinking of Jesse McCartney. This guy works at a sushi restaurant. Regardless, one would think a person with vocal performance experience would knock this thing outta the park, right? Oh so terribly, terribly wrong. Since NBC doesn't post the failed auditions on their website, here's a link to the video elsewhere in the cyber realm:

And then we had Domo. I don't think I can adequately or appropriately express in words just how much I wanted to push Domo off a cliff and into oncoming traffic in the middle of rush hour while repeatedly having Chuck Norris roundhouse kick her in the face. And it wasn't just because her personality was sucktastic. Her "singing," if we can abuse the term so, consisted of weird moans, wails, and breathy exhales that were perhaps related to pitches. But it was mostly a lot of grinding and hip popping in Cee Lo's face. Please excuse me while I go vom in the corner.


So here's the team breakdown: joining Team Adam are Rasta-but-not-really-mon Samuel Mouton, Loren Allred, and the ever-dazzling Nicole Nelson. Blake Shelton snatched up the country mother-daughter duo 2 Steel Girls, while Team Xtina almost doubled with the additions of Lisa Scinta, Marissa Ann, and Nelly's Echo, the Nigerian refugee with a million-watt smile. Team Cee Lo now has… Domo.

We continue with The Voice Blind Auditions next week on Monday and Tuesday at 7:00pm—see you then!

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