The Voice, Live Shows, Part II

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HOUSTON - Now that all four teams have performed, it's time to get ready for the live results show on Thursday! But first, let's take a look at Wednesday night's performances. Honestly, Teams Cee Lo and Xtina weren't as impressive as Teams Adam and Blake. I would say there were a total of three performances that made me stop and be like "Okay, [insert fab contestant here], I see you." So let's get to it, shall we?

First up for the night was Adrianna Louise from Team Xtina, singing Katy Perry's "Firework." This was a great song choice for Adrianna—she's a great little pop diva. The audience messed with her tempo and confidence a bit in the beginning (there should be a sign that says "you must have THIS much rhythm in order to be an audience member"), but she recovered and delivered some great moments. But you know, for all the glitz and belting, it's nothing I haven't seen before.

Adrianna Louise Live 2

Next up was my boo, Cody Belew from Team Cee Lo singing "One More Try" by George Michael. Cody has the most phenomenal energy on stage. From his uber-coifed hair, to the leather lapels on his suit jacket, Cody was fabulous. And one simply does not "like" Cody Belew. One does not luke-warmly tolerate Cody Belew. The only option is to utterly ADORE that man. And I do. Because he also sings good.

Now with De'borah you always know you're in for a SHOW. She has an infectious energy and I don't know how she manages to sing while jumping around onstage like a loosed zoo animal. But this was not her best performance. Not by a mile. I do hope she makes it through so she can redeem herself next week.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Cee Lo is so enamored with Diego Val. Ok, we get it, he's good looking, but come ON. If he doesn't go home this week after that abysmal take on Enrique Iglesias' "Bailamos," I'm renaming this show The Face or The Hair or The Skinny Jeans. Come on, America. Don't make me do that.

Mackenzie Bourg is looking more and more like a nerdier Justin Bieber, am I right? He once again took on a Top 40 hit—"What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction—and thought he was making it original by playing it on an acoustic guitar. News flash: Singing the song exactly like the original but on an acoustic guitar while wearing hipster glasses and employing a quirky grin does NOT make you artistic. I'm over it.

I actually really liked Devyn DeLoera's take on Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" in the beginning, but the longer it went on the less I liked it. I think things started to go south when she melodramatically threw the mic stand—if Devyn's going to move forward, she needs to get a hold of her soap opera-y tendencies. The best part though was having Carson laud this as "the right song at the right time," and then have the rest of the judges shut the performance DOWN. Coaches- 1, Carson- 0.

Devyn DeLoera Live 2

I don't know if it's the Jesus hair, or the shockingly perfect teeth under that scraggly beard, or that hip swivel move that gets me every time, but there is just something about Nicholas David. "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" could not have been a more perfect song choice, since Nicholas is essentially a white, homeless-looking version of Barry White, and simply put, he NAILED it. His voice drips with soul and all of that weird works for him. One of my favorite Live Show performances to date.

Nicholas David Live 2

And things just kept getting better with Sylvia Yacoub, who took a softer approach with Katy Perry's "The One that Got Away." First of all, that OUTFIT. My dream look. I love her so much for rocking it so hard. And then she got behind the piano and I was sold. She felt this performance so deeply that as a viewer, she had me in the palm of her hand. She's proven she can belt and be fierce, but this performance proved she's an artist. #TeamSylvia

Sylvia Yacoub Live 2

Why do they always put the most mediocre people in this second-to-last slot? Monday it was Loren Allred, tonight it's Dez Duron. He attempted a soulful version of a country hit, and it just kind of flopped. Yes, he's hot. Move on.

We have come to expect a certain amount of epicness from the likes of Amanda Brown and the now svelte-er Trevin Hunte, so I had fairly high expectations of this performance. And as expected, I was slain. Not because this was his most epic performance. Not because he hit the most epic notes. But because he looked so sincerely happy on that stage. I think he probably enjoyed that performance more than he has any other up until this point, and that made such a difference. What I would do to give that boy (because he's 18 years old REMEMBER!?) a hug.

Trevin Hunte Live 2

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