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HOUSTON - These are some big cuts coming up, and I'm pumped to further concentrate this talent! Here's what America and the coaches had to say.

Team Adam:

America's saves:
1. Amanda Brown- I mean, duh.
2. Bryan Keith- I thought he was going home. I guess his on-stage passion translated…

Adam's save:
3. Melanie Martinez- She's too unique not to save.

Going home:
- Loren Allred- Called that one.
- Jocelyn Rivera- I thought she'd get the viewer vote... Meh, I'm over it.

Team Blake:

America's saves:
1. Terry McDermott- I figured America would step in here, and I'm glad he's going through.
2. Cassadee Pope- I thought she was going home for SURE. I'm shocked.

Blake's save:
3. Michaela Paige- Of course Blake saved his favorite "little girl." I support this.

Going home:
- Julio Cesar Castillo- I thought he'd get the viewer vote. I'm so sad. Good bye my darling muffin.
- Liz Davis- This was just not the year for a country artist to win it. Maybe next season, Blake.

Team Xtina:

America's saves:
1. Dez Duron- I hoped I'd be wrong, but I knew he'd go through. Because tweenage girls are VOTING.
2. Sylvia Yacoub- called it. She's the gem of this entire team.

Xtina's save:
3. Adrianna Louise- I just KNEW Adrianna would get the nod—now do I know Xtina or do I know Xtina?

Going home:
- De'borah- I wish she'd had a second shot, but she wasn't going to win the whole shebang anyway.
- Devyn DeLoera- No big loss.

Team Cee Lo:

America's saves:
1. Trevin Hunte- Obviously.
2. Nicholas David- I am SO glad America got this right.

Cee Lo's save:

Going home:
- Diego Val- About damn time.
- Mackenzie Bourg- He just wasn't special enough.

After seeing these results, a few things are clear: I know America. I am America. The biggest disappointment is seeing Julio go and Cassadee stay. Sigh. I knew America would save Dez but hoped that maybe they'd save De'borah, and again, sigh. We'll be here next week for the Top 12!

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