The Voice, Battle Rounds Week 3, Part I

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HOUSTON - We're gearing up for the final battles this week, and tonight most certainly did not disappoint!

The night started off with a battle between Alexis Marceaux and Daniel Rosa from Team Cee Lo, singing "Whataya Want from Me" made famous by Adam Lambert. Daniel Rosa loves his role as underdog, but Alexis would not be outdone, as she felt that Daniel's underdogness made her even more of an underdog. BATTLE OF THE UNDERDOGS. Anywho, they both sounded great, but Daniel's stylized vocals and sad, puppy-like vulnerability won Cee Lo over and he'll be moving on to the Knockout Round.

Daniel Rosa vs. Alexis Marceaux

Up next were Nicole Nelson, an early star from the Blind Auditions, and Brandon  Mahone, the 85-year-old Motown singer trapped in an 18-year-old body, battling for a spot on Team Adam. This matchup proves, once again, that Adam is focused on the battle as an enjoyable performance between evenly matched opponents and not just a weird duet that keeps him from having to make a difficult decision. Cee Lo I'm looking at you. It's hard not to enjoy "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," and this performance was bubbles and rainbows out the wazoo.

Nicole Nelson vs. Brandon Mahone

Many other battles took place that we didn't see, and here are those results:

Loren Allred beat out Brian Scartocci in a battle on Team Adam. Ryan Jirovec couldn't pull it out against mega-star Cassadee Pope on Team Blake and she'll be moving on. We'll be seeing Joe Kirkland represent Team Adam in the Knockout Round as he defeated Samuel Mouton.

The final battle of the night between Devyn Delora and Marissa Ann was completely electric, and continues with the theme on Team Xtina of scantily clad belting hotties. First of all, you betta have some serious pipes to attempt "Free Your Mind," and both of these ladies showed UP. Devyn has a very cool, sexy kind of voice, and Marissa Ann dominated that high register. I did wish Marissa would quit with all the squatting and the touching herself… I'm sure she picked up those moves from Xtina. Ultimately, Xtina went with Devyn, but Blake snagged Marissa Ann for himself with his final Steal. This was an excellent addition to Team Blake, and I think Marissa Ann could be a dark horse. Only time will tell…

Devyn Delora vs. Marissa Ann

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