The Voice, Battle Rounds Part II

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HOUSTON - And so the Battle Rounds continue…

My boo, Cody Belew, battled it out with Domo for a spot on Team Cee Lo to Lady Gaga's "Telephone." First of all, what, what, WHAT is this matchup. Cee Lo has been taking his CRAY CRAY pills fo sho this season. First that Rick Springfield weirdness, and now this? That parrot is pecking away at Cee Lo's brain. Anyway, this was weird from top to bottom. There was very strange choreography happening, neither one of them hit the notes incredibly well, and as Cee Lo said, this came down to personal preference. Thank goodness Cee Lo hasn't gone completely batty because he kept Cody and kicked Domo to the curb. PEACE OUT, CRAZY TOWN.

Next up, Aquile and Nathalie Hernandez from Team Xtina sang "You Gave Me Something" by James Morrison. And it was absolutely lovely. I personally really liked Nathalie's young, raw, untrained sound but she just wasn't a match for that smooth, liquid sound coming from Aquile. Check it out for yourself:

Aquile vs. Nathalie Hernandez

There were lots of battles we didn't get to see, and here are those results:

On Team Xtina, Celica Westbrook knocked out Lisa Scinta. On Team Blake, Rudy Parris won out over Charlie Rey. Moving on.

The real battle of the night was between Melanie Martinez and Caitlin Michele from Team Adam. They sang Ellie Goulding's "Lights" and it was just… cool. Like really cool. That Melanie Martinez is something special, but Caitlin absolutely held her own and delivered some beautifully strange notes and moments. Ultimately, Melanie took it home, but Caitlin is still in the running, as both Cee Lo and Blake tried to steal her for themselves. For the second time, Caitlin shut Blake down and chose Cee Lo as her new coach. While I think that's a good match, I feel bad for Blakeypoo. He just likes weird sounding chicks, ok?!

Melanie Martinez vs. Caitlin Michele

Check back next week for more Battle Round hotness.

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