Revolution, Episode 9

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HOUSTON - Second to last episode, y'all. It's getting real.

The gang stops at a rebel camp to pick up some reinforcements on the way to storm Monroe's HQ. So our ragtag team has doubled in size and has taken to the tunnels to avoid further ambushing from the Militia. Along the way, Nora the Exploder and Charlie McCriesALot have a heart-to-heart about what really went down between Miles and Sebastian. FINALLY. Turns out, Miles flew the coop after trying to assassinate Monroe and chickening out because he just couldn't kill his former bestie. I'm sure this will come back to haunt us.

While the team is traipsing along, Charlie steps on a landmine, and Nora the Exploder has to do some quick exploder magic to save everybody. Despite the magic, the mine still explodes and collapses part of the tunnel, cutting off the gang's air supply. Soon everyone starts hallucinating from the lack of oxygen. Nora gets attacked by alligators, Google Guy gets a pretty rough guilt trip from wifey, and Charlie catches Miles hallucinating about Monroe. Apparently, Miles' deep, dark fear is that if given the option to rejoin Monroe's ranks, he would. At least that's what Miles' subconscious hallucination of Monroe says.

Just as the team finds an escape and some fresh air, one of the rebel dudes actually turns out to be a MILITIA DOUBLE AGENT. Bad news. He kills all of the rebels and takes Miles hostage, but Charlie comes to the rescue and crossbows him to death. Unfortunately, Double Agent Man fires one last bullet that… hits Charlie? Knocks Charlie over and she hits her head? Unclear. But Charlie is somewhere on the brink of death, she is going toward the light. She sees her father again. He's cooking dinner. But the sweet, dulcet tones of Miles' voice bring Charlie back to earth and she wakes to cry another day.

So to recap, the team went to pickup reinforcements for the onslaught, but loses all the reinforcements by the end of the tunnel journey. So we're back where we started.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Rachel is hard at work building this machine for Sebastian—an amplifier for the Pendant of Power. The pendant has a range of about 9-10 feet, and will turn on any electrical device within that range. The amplifier will expand that range to about half a mile. It is neat. But Sebastian's no fool and brings in his own second opinion on the machine. Remember Dr. Jaffe? Yeah, he's back to bring the PAIN. He outs Rachel's amplifier as a bomb, and Sebastian is not pleased. So he's all "we gon kill you and yo family" and she's all "but you need me!" and he's all "Nuh uh, we got Dr. Jaffe." So to ensure Sebastian needs her, homegirl SHANKS Dr. Jaffe right in the heart with a screwdriver. Totes dead. Rachel is officially a badass.

Only one episode left! Who's your money on? Miles? Monroe? Rachel? Charlie McCriesALot? Captain Crazy Eyes? Only time (slash NBC) will tell…

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