Revolution, Episode 8

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HOUSTON - Time is winding down, and the gang takes a serious hit in this third-to-last episode of the inaugural season of Revolution.

This episode had a lot of father-child-drama-saga. But before we get to that, let's introduce SadoPyschoStrausser, a dude formerly the resident of 1 Padded Room Lane, who is now a high ranking official in Monroe's Militia. SPS is hot on the trail of Miles and the Pendant of Power, and ambushes them. He's taken Nora the Exploder's sister, Beauty Mark Mia, hostage and is threatening to kill her if the gang doesn't give him what he wants. But Nora the Exploder does what she does best—exploding things—and rescues said sister. Hooray!

Back at Monroe HQ, Captain Crazy Eye's son, Jason (or Nate or whatever his name is), is being beaten and tortured for asking questions about SPS because he probz lurves Charlie McCriesALot. Turns out CCE isn't totally heartless and asks Monroe to take it easy. Monroe, it turns out, is in fact totally heartless and tells CCE he can choose between having his son sent all the way to California where he'll probably die at the hands of the "heathens" who are known for "sending our boys back in boxes" or having his son executed, where his son would... definitely die. Rough day at the office much? CCE's wife, Thrifty Kitty, finds out from her housekeeper that one of Monroe's closest confidants has a son in the resistance. BARTER TIME! CCE gives up the other dude's son, who is executed while his dad is probz going to get beaten to death, in exchange for leniency on Jason. Oh fatherly love...?

Mia convinces Nora to leave the gang and go find their long-lost father with her in Texas. Unfortunately for, well, everyone, Mia was working for the Militia the whole time, faked the hostage situation, and stole the Pendant of Power all so that no harm would come to Big Sis. Nice in theory, but not so much in practice, so Nora bolts and saves the gang just as they're about to surrender to SPS. While everyone's alive, which is super, SPS has the Pendant of Power, which is not super. He gives it to Monroe, who gives it to Rachel while ominously saying, "you now have everything you need…" Ruh roh.

The episode closes on a scene of Randall, the DOD creeper, informing Grace that she'll have to stop Monroe from doing something with the Pendant of Power he's been tracking with all of his ELECTRIC EVERYTHING. I have a feeling things will not end well for Grace.

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Revolution, Episode 8 video

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