Revolution, Episode 7

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With fewer than five episodes left in the inaugural season of Revolution, it's time to get down to business and dig into what exactly is going on with these pendants, why the lights went out in the first place, what really happened between Monroe and Miles, and how Charlie got such a super-chic leather jacket that looks like something out of a Zara catalog as opposed to The Hunger Games. No? You weren't wondering about that last part? Well whatever.

The gang happens upon what appears to be the Lost Boys from Hook—a bunch of small, orphaned children with weapons and a severe distrust of grownups. Unlike in Hook, these children do not get to magically stay young forever, nor is their lack of parental units a mystery. Turns out, the Militia did some serious damage and wiped out all the parents, and even worse, it was under Miles' direction. Yikes. So because of his epic guilt, Miles agrees to help the kiddos retrieve their leader, Peter (ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THE PETER PAN REFERENCES?!), who has been taken to a soldier conscription center, where they kidnap teenagers, brainwash them, brand them like cattle, and make them into soldiers for the Militia. Double yikes.

Meanwhile, back at Monroe HQ in Philadelphia, Sebastian uses Danny to get Rachel to talk about the pendants. She ends up giving up one of the scientists that was working with Ben, Bradley, as an owner of a pendant. This leads to a flashback of Ben and his team who, in an attempt to create an electricity source, accidentally created a program/device that takes electricity away... They had been working with this guy from the Department of Defense because they were struggling financially. He had a very serial-killer type smile that gives me the heeby jeebies, that he used in conjunction with the phrase "I want us to be friends." Rachel had a complication in her pregnancy with Danny, and the DOD guy offered to get her into some clinical trial. And even though she didn't like/trust the guy, I'm assuming she accepted his help since, you know, Danny was born. This will all be important later.

As expected, the gang saves the day and returns Peter to his Lost Children. Along the way, Charlie got herself branded with the Militia "M," but she's tough (ish).

So remember that lady Grace? The one who helped Danny when he had that asthma attack, and who has that semi-functioning computer, and who was taken by some mystery guy named Randall? Well she's back. And you'll never guess who Randall is…

… ok I'll tell you! It's the guy from the Department of Defense! Serial-Killer Smile Guy! I admit it's not as awesome of a reveal as Captain Creepy Eye's son, but hey. I'm just the blogger.

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