Revolution, Episode 6

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HOUSTON - So based off of the previews for this episode of Revolution, I came to the conclusion that Charlie had been sold off as a sex slave in exchange for some medicine for Nora the Exploder. Turns out, that's totally not what happened. Well… I mean it's kind of what happened…

Last we saw Nora, she was getting shanked by that other rebel because he didn't want her messing with the bomb she put on Monroe's train. Tough break. Even tougher, her wound got infected and now she's super sick and in need of some medication. Which is where Creepo McCreepster comes into play. Miles knows this drug lord heroin dealer from way back in the day and brings the gang over for a slumber party! Excellent call. Nora gets some "home-grown" penicillin (whatever that means), and Mr. Creepmonster keeps eyeing Charlie suspiciously. No me gusta. But it turns out he doesn't want Charlie as a sex slave! Hooray! He only wants her to assassinate an innocent, law-abiding, protector of defenseless women by staking him through the eyeball. Collective gulp.

Meanwhile, we get some insight into Google Guy. Before the Blackout, Google Guy (otherwise known as Aaron) was married to this super hot chick that liked him, not for his money, but for his… I mean come on it had to be his money. Because over the course of the rest of the episode, he proceeds to prove how useless he is through a series of flashbacks where he repeatedly fails to defend his wife or himself.

Back in the present, Charlie trots off to slaughter an innocent man in her best hoochie gear and a black eye, courtesy of Creepenstein. Google Guy convinces Miles to go after her since it turns out this is a suicide mission and Run DMCreep didn't actually expect Charlie to come out alive. So Miles leaves defenseless Nora in the ever-capable hands of… the guy who has repeatedly proven he cannot defend anything. Fabulous.

Miles swoops in and saves Charlie from murdering the good guy. Raucous applause. Unfortunately, Google Guy and Nora find themselves in quite the predicament, as CreepFace now has them dueling it out to the death—either they shoot each other or he shoots them both. Obviously Google Guy offers himself up as the sacrificial lamb and shoots himself in the chest. Tears. BUT WAIT! HE'S NOT DEAD! The bullet hit his flask and Google Guy takes out Creepzilla! Dude's proving his worth, one dead psychocreep at a time. Go get ‘em, tiger.

So now we're pretty much back where we started—Danny's still in the hands of Sebastian and his mother (tearful reunion!), the gang is still on Danny's trail, Captain Crazy Eyes is all the crazier now that he's been promoted to Major in Charge of Interrogations (great! More opportunities for a psychopath to psychopath people!) and we still don't know what those little decorative thumb drives do.

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