Revolution, Episode 5

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HOUSTON - This week on Revolution

We got a closer look into what made Captain Crazy Eyes (aka Tom Neville) all… well, crazy. It's a tough life being an Insurance-Pencil-Pusher-Type, but damn. Tom would come home from a hard day's pencil pushin' and take out all of his frustrations on his punching bag down in the basement. Totally reasonable. His son saw him going all Rocky one night, so Tom decides to let young Jason have a go at the bag, as long as he understood that you only punch the bag, not people. The picture of parental responsibility. Completely beating some dude to death for stealing your silverware in front of said young child? Perhaps a bit much. So this newly traumatized, super young and adorable son Jason turns out to be—someone important who I shall reveal at the end of this post. Who says blogs can't have cliff hangers? DON'T CHEAT AND SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM. K?

In other news, there's a train! This is the first real mode of transportation we've seen thus far that doesn't require slaves pulling logs and making them roll, all ancient Egypt-style. The train could be pretty clutch to the Monroe Republic, so Nora the Exploder (see what I did there? Dora the Explo… nevermind.) wants to blow it up. However, Danny is on board, so after Nora goes through all the trouble of making a bomb that looks like a log, Miles has to go undo it and save Danny's life. Oh well.

Mama Rachel sees Danny all punched and bruised and starts spilling the beans about getting the power back to Sebastian. Low blow, Sebastian. Low blow. She draws a picture of the little thumb-drive thingy and we learn that it takes all 12 of these pendants to get things going. Progress!

Ok, so ready for the big reveal? Tom Neville's son Jason turns out to be none other than—THAT GUY NATE WHOSE NAME ISN'T REALLY NATE THAT KEEPS FOLLOWING THE GANG AROUND! I guess some of the magic is lost when you have to explain who the guy is in so many words. It worked way better on TV. Le sigh.

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