Revolution, Episode 4

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HOUSTON - Onwards, Revolution­-lovers!

So without a car or a GPS or any other means of finding Montana or Minnesota or wherever it was they were all supposed to meet up, British Chick, Google Guy, Charlie McCriesALot, NoraSplosion, and Miles find one another and head off to find Brother Danny. Unfortunately, they run into a pack of rabid dogs and seek refuge in an abandoned amusement park. Zombieland much? Anyway, in order to keep said rabid dogs from eating Google Guy's leg off, British Chick (who I guess we'll refer to as Maggie since this episode is largely about her) shoots one of the dogs with the crossbow. This upsets Creepy Guy who lives in the abandoned amusement park, and he sicks his dogs on everyone, gets a hold of Maggie, stabs her in the leg and ends up severing an artery. SPOILER ALERT: she dies. While in the midst of her death throes, she flashes back to before the blackout where we see her very British children back in England, being British. Maggie gets trapped in the U.S. due to the blackout, tries to get home, can't, and tries to kill herself until Charlie's dad Ben finds her and gives her a reason to live, aka his own children. All of this matters because when she dies, Charlie finds herself down not one, not two, but three parental figures. Maybe that's why she cries so much.


Danny predicts a storm's a'brewin, so the Militia caravan seeks refuge in this barn. Danny manages to kind of escape only to be caught again by Captain Crazy Eyes, but they both run into a cellar to avoid being tornadoed to death. Danny aaaalmost gets free when CCE gets trapped under some rubble, but ends up saving his life and freeing him, only to be taken hostage all over again. The lesson here? Never trust a dude with crazy eyes.

This is all fine and dandy, but I just really want to know what's going on with Charlie and Danny's mom—am I right? The clues we've collected thus far:

  • She left her family for some unknown reason when Charlie and Danny were but wee kiddos
  • She's got guts of steel evidenced by her killing that dude in cold blood when he tried to take their food
  • She probably knows something about the blackout which is why Sebastian has kept her alive all these years
  • She probably got a little bit tortured by Sebastian's men, aka further evidence of her steel innards.

Since Danny is now the bait Sebastian is going to use to force some info out of Mama, looks like we'll all be finding out what's really going on soon enough!

Did you miss any of the action? Check out the full episode of Revolution below:

Revolution, Ep 4 video

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