Revolution, Episode 3

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HOUSTON - It's like the Revolution gods heard my prayers last week and delivered some excellent Monroe/Miles drama straight to my face.

Let's head back, back to a few weeks after the blackout. Miles and "Bas" (aka Sabastian aka Sabastian Monroe) leave the army base in search of Miles' brother, because they're all kindsa bro tight. On their journey, they see all this devastation—people being robbed and killed with no consequence—and Miles no likey. So when they happen upon these two guys beating up this other guy, Miles flies into action, has a mini heroic monologue, and shoots the bad dudes despite Monroe's feeble objections, all in the name of order and justice...


We're at the rebel base with Miles, Charlie and Nora the Uber Hot Sniper Ex-Girlfriend. Hooray! Unfortunately, one of the rebels was captured and gave up the location of the rebel base, so now everyone's in trouble. Sad face. The militia arrives and the only weapon with which this entire base has to defend itself is that sniper rifle Nora stole—KNEW that thing would come in handy. They also happen to have an expert sniper who goes to the roof and single-handedly keeps the base safe… while the bullets last. People are sick. One guy dies. Charlie cries. The bullets run out and all hell breaks loose when the soldiers storm the base. But wait! The sergeant/captain/guy-in-charge-of-the-militia recognizes Miles! But how, you ask? Remember that guy that was getting beaten up by the bad dudes? That guy who owes his life to Miles Matthieson? IT'S THAT GUY. But wait. There's more. Miles Matthieson, our hero, lover of rebel-lady Nora, uncle of Charlie who cries a lot but we are lead to believe is a badass, was the second in command of the Monroe Republic! You know... behind Monroe. He himself trained the Monroe Militia and made up all their rules, so he knows how ruthless and unstoppable they are. He trades himself for the lives of the rebels, and as he's catching up with Blonde Militia Guy Whose Butt He Saved, things blow up and Charlie and Nora steal Miles back.

Also real quick, Google Guy and English Chick somehow turned on the flashy thing and there was momentary electricity/power. BIG DEAL.

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Revolution, Full Episode 3

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