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HOUSTON - There are many things I love in this world. Puppies, rainbows, a perfectly executed Ninja sushi roll. But there are few things I love more than Matthew Perry. This love affair began on Friends, continued through a slew of fairly forgettable movies like Three to Tango and Fools Rush In (which I clearly did not forget), and on through failed TV shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. But I am hopeful this one will stick, and Matthew Perry will return to his rightful place among the royalty of sitcom comedy.

So. What is Go On? The premise is simple enough. Ryan King (Perry) lost his wife, Jamie, in a car accident and uses his humor to deflect his true feelings (because he is, and will forever be, Chandler Bing), thus not coping with Jamie's death. After a brief emotional outburst involving projectile fruit missiles, Ryan's bosses have mandated he attend a certain number of group therapy sessions before returning to work full time.

The beauty of centering a show or a movie on a support group is the plethora of crazyheads at one's disposal! We will not soon forget the image of Edward Norton being squished by Meatloaf's man boobs while they cry it out in Fight Club, am I right? Among the fabulous nutters we'll see on Go On are Owen (Tyler James Williams from Everybody Hates Chris), a young, rather tacit boy who doesn't really talk about his older brother's death until, obviously, he and Ryan bond over a funny YouTube video and then he's chatty Kathy. There's Sonia (Sarah Baker from the recent movie The Campaign, who could literally just sit and stare at the ceiling and I would be on the floor laughing), and she's basically a crazy cat lady. But she does it with such panache.

Over the course of the first two episodes, Ryan assaults a football player's vehicle with fruit products, violates some serious professional boundaries with his "personal assistant," aka babysitter/best bud/indentured servant who has to smile a lot, and shakes up the lives of those in his support group.

Honestly, I'm in it for the flawlessly delivered lines of biting sarcasm and self-deprecation. And it looks like on that front, Go On will be a rip-roaring success!

But what did you think of the show? Am I the only one utterly and completely obsessed with Matthew Perry, or are you watching to see the triumphant return of Chandler Bing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below—maybe we can have our own virtual group therapy session…

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