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HOUSTON - Tuesday night's finale of the first season of Fashion Star made at least one designer's dreams of world domination—I mean fashion stardom—come true, with much fanfare and confetti.

The final task for the three finalists was to create three head-to-toe looks for each store- H&M, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue, for a total of nine looks per finalist. That's a lot-o-designin'!

The H&M runway show went something like this:

Kara Laricks' had some highs and lows. A white racer-back button down top with fabulous orange shorts stole my heart, while I thought her tiered dress was weird and looked like a dress layered over a long skirt without much shape. There's something about that super low crotch that I find unsettling, but I found the short-sleeved jacket aspect of this suit to be very appealing.

Nzimiro Oputa went outside his comfort zone and put forth a women's look for H&M and it was faaaabulous! I agree with Nicole Richie who picked this look as his best of the runway show. The look consisted of a coral/pink pant with pocket detail, a sleeveless button down top with a sleeveless vest. Very H&M. The other look I adored was his second men's look with a charcoal short, which was just AWESOME. And then of course a Nzimimi special of a detailed button down with khaki slacks rounded out the collection.

Ronnie Escalante probably had my favorite of all the H&M collections, although I have to agree with the buyers and mentors that the collection as a whole lacked color. I actually struggled to pick a favorite out of all of these looks, but I think I'd have to go with his first, a grey jumpsuit with an über sexy keyhole in the front. Perfect length, expensive-looking fabric, bringing the 70's back, baby. Ronnie also had a black tube dress that was universal and would work on many a body type. But his final piece, a super interesting jumpsuit/actual suit situation was AWESOME. I didn't really love the top he put underneath, but the idea was innovative and very, very cool.

Next up was the Saks Fifth Avenue runway show:

Kara Laricks. Where do I even begin. Every single outfit was out of this world, and this collection alone would have been reason enough to crown her Fashion Star, in my opinion. Her first look was a phenomenal trench and short combo that looked expensive as hell and was classic Kara. Next up was this AMAZING skirt/pant… thing. I don't even know. All I know is I loved it so hard I tried to grab it off of the television. Even though it was paired with an unfortunate colored top, I think I still vote it my favorite item in her collection. Although, her evening dress was to DIE for, and featured her signature tuxedo tails trailing off the back. Glorious.

I just really did not love Nzimiro's Saks collection as a whole. There was a weird-fitting sweater vest over a relaxed button down and ill-fitting seersucker pants. Then we had what appeared to be a grandpa sweater (which I normally love) paired with… a swimsuit? I… don't understand. But the last look was the most upsetting. An odd printed button down, open over a white tee, tucked into… wait for it… RED SHIMMERY SHORT PANTS?! Red. Shimmery. Short. Pants. Need I say more?

Ronnie's Saks collection had some hits and misses. In terms of hits, Ronnie's white three-piece suit was off the CHAIN. It was sleek and modern with his signature double lapel and that red skinny tie just pushed it over the edge into Awesometown. Ronnie had a classic LBD with some shine on it for his second look. I think it would make a great staple dress but didn't knock my socks off. And then there was the floral floor length Flamenco dress. I did not dig that pattern, I did not dig that cut, and I just did not dig that dress. Oh well, can't win ‘em all!

Closing out the night was the Macy's runway show:

Kara really toes the line between chic and unflattering with some of these dress shapes. The first dress was in one moment a horribly unflattering tent and in the next, an adorable, totally wearable little black number with great pattern lining. I was torn. I remain torn. Next up was a fantastic top and shorts combo. Kara used a great patterned print on the top and those shorts were absolutely wonderful— great length, great shape, great all around. But my favorite look from that collection was her white short-sleeve suit with a patterned top underneath that could be worn separately. It was just so damn versatile.

This was by FAR Nzimiro's strongest collection, and the strongest Macy's showing, in my opinion. Every item that walked down the runway was perfectly Macy's, and perfectly Nzimimi. The first look down the runway is the one I would pick as my favorite item to steal from my boyfriend. A light, hooded sweater that looks so comfortable I want to snuggle up in it and never take it off. EVER. Next up was my favorite outfit I'd actually want my boyfriend to wear. A stellar color-blocked polo with perfect-fitting navy shorts looked good enough to eat right off the model. And the final look, a blue button down with angled pocket details, was just hot. The model was hot. The look was hot. Just hot all around.

I liked Ronnie's Macy's collection as a whole, but there were definitely a few stand outs, namely his opening dress with a super sexy slit all the way up the side. It was just stunning and I want it now. The hourglass-blocked dress that came up next we've seen before, and while I get how it's flattering and great, it wasn't original and looked a little too much like Orly's color-blocked dress from a week earlier. But Ronnie's final suit was supa fierce, and I think this guy just knows how to make a bombass women's suit.

So if I had my way, I would pick Kara as the winner, no question, followed by Nizmimi, and then Ronnie for "best comeback."

Luckily, the buyers have EXCELLENT taste because they did in fact crown Kara Laricks the first ever Fashion Star!

And that's all folks! Check back next season for more fashion folly.

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