Fashion Star, Episode 3

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HOUSTON - This week's episode of Fashion Star had more highs than lows, as it seems the weeding process is almost complete and only the really capable designers are left to fight another day. But what was really kind of strange about this episode was the opening musical number from LMFAO and all of those acrobats that kept flying around the stage during the designers' showcases. I mean… what was that? And how is LMFAO so famous? They're just a bunch of dudes who look like wasted frat stars from 1985. Call me a music snob, but I just don't get it. And all the sky-high acrobatics and dancer girls in outfits not designed by any of the contestants were so distracting. All that commotion made it hard to focus on the actual clothes being featured, and that seems like a poor move considering viewers are supposed to be buying these designs… I'm all for entertainment value, but not at the expense of the show itself.

The theme this week was "styles for summer," and for me, the highest highlights were Sarah Parrott's maxi dress and Orly Shani's sheath dress. Orly is probably one of my favorite designers in this whole shebang, and homegirl did her family (who happened to be watching from the crowd this week) proud when she got a mega-bid from Saks Fifth Avenue to the tune of $120,000. Dontcha just love a warm and fuzzy fashion moment? Her sheath dress seemed like it would be right at home in a store like Urban Outfitters with some great, bright colors and neon detail. Sarah Parrott's maxi dresses were also winners in my book. I loved the straps, the back detail and the sexy slit up the side. The dress went to H&M for $50,000, despite Sarah saying just moments before her showcase that she wanted someone other than H&M to buy her stuff. I guess we're not all Saks material, are we?

Other winning designers included Nzimiro Oputa, Ross Bennett (FINALLY!), Kara Laricks and Nikki Poulos. Although, I have to say Nikki's jumpsuit was HEINOUS. The fit was disturbing and the fabric was downright tacky. Go figure. Onto the bottom three!

The three designers up for elimination this week were Luciana Scarabello (who has yet to have her designs showcased during the actual program…), Edmond Newton and Lizzie Parker, whom you may remember from last week's bottom two.

Edmond Newton designed a maxi dress that was just kind of boring. It wasn't obscenely offensive like other designs I've seen on this show, but it most certainly wasn't fabulous in any way. Also, one of those dresses just wasn't maxi… it was knee-length, and I didn't get it. There really isn't that much to say because the dress was so yawn-inducingly meh. But he's designed some cute things in the past, and the mentors must believe in him, because they saved him from elimination this week.

Luciana Scarabello designed… a dress… but I couldn't tell you much about it since it wasn't showcased and received practically zero air time. Apparently the main concern with Luciana is she's "too Miami," evidenced by the fact she hasn't received a single bid yet this season. Hopefully she can design something worthy of some primetime television. Ultimately, she was saved by the buyers because the alternative was saving Lizzie Parker, and we just couldn't have that.

Lizzie Parker was the latest to fall on Fashion Star after showcasing a very strange zipper-detailed sheath dress this week. From what I've seen from Lizzie Parker, I don't understand how anything she designed was bid on at all, except by completely luck or chance. But ya know, she did sell one item at Macy's, and that's more than most wanna-be designers can say. So brava, Lizzie Parker. Now get off my runway.

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