Awake, Episode 9

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HOUSTON - Well, there most certainly were some surpriiiiiises in store this week on Awake!

On the police front, the crime in both realities revolves around a football game between Seattle (the red team) and LA (the green team). Because really, we couldn't use any other color scheme? The game comes down to one field goal, a REALLY close field goal that comes down to a matter of inches. In the green reality, the field goal is wide and Seattle wins, whereas in the red reality, the field goal is good and LA wins. The outcome of the game directly impacts both realities, resulting in a different death in each.

In the green reality, we see a belligerent Seattle fan (in red, just a reminder) getting in the face of a bunch of LA fans (in green). Clearly this dude is looking to get punched in the mouth. Snap to the red reality, where we see the owner of a dry-cleaning shop making a bet on Seattle to win the game, a bet that he clearly needs to go his way, since he already has a broken arm thanks to some unpaid debts.

Meanwhile, back at home, Michael puts on the Dad hat and commiserates with Rex about lady problems. Rex plays the "I'm a sullen teenager, nothing is wrong" card. Michael counters with the "I'm a detective, I can tell when people are lying" card. Touchè, Michael. Apparently, Emma, Rex's GF, has broken up with him because he was checking out some other girl, but something tells me (well actually, Rex tells me) there's more to it than that. Rex wants papa to teach him his lie-detecting ways. Male bonding ensues.

Back to crime. In the red reality, the dry-cleaning shop mysteriously burns down, killing an employee who had secretly been living in the back room. Arson turns to murder rather quickly. At first, they suspect the bookie, since he was owed quite a bit of money from the shopkeeper and insurance from a fire goes a long way. When that doesn't pan out, they look at the owner of the store. But as it turns out, it was his wife who hired the arsonist-turned-accidental-murderer to protect her husband from any further injury due to his gambling. Case closed.

In the green reality, that rowdy Seattle fan turns up dead with half of his head smashed in, and the killer conveniently left some green paint on the body, indicating a sports brawl turned deadly. Speaking of convenience, a drunk LA fan winds up passed out in his car in a ditch after getting in a crash because he was too drunk to drive. With bruises on his knuckles. Who happened to be covered in green paint a while earlier. Coincidence? I think no—actually, yes it was a coincidence.

The clue that links the two realities, the keychain of the arsonist from the red reality that had a Seattle cap on it, points Michael in the direction of a piece of evidence from the crime scene in the green reality that exonerates the LA fan and incriminates the victim's brother, who eventually confesses. Case closed.

Back on the home front, Rex finds out that Emma's been acting weird because she was PREGGO! Surrrriously preggo. Like since before the accident. In the green reality, she had a miscarriage, but if there's anything Michael has learned from this game-could-go-either-way experience, it's that the same situation can have two very different outcomes. So Michael confronts Emma at school in the red reality, finds out she's pregnant, and goes home to tell the wifey they might just have a grandkid.

Tune in next week to see how all this baby-mama-drama plays out.

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