Awake, Episode 4

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HOUSTON - It feels like we're getting closer and closer to something big with Awake, but this episode sort of seemed like filler. Last week was great, and next week looks awesome, so I kind of just wish we had skipped this episode all together and gotten straight to the good stuff, but I'll concede there were some interesting psychological moments that maybe made this episode worthwhile.

In this week's episode, two different crimes take place with one common factor: Rex's former babysitter, Kate Porter. In the red reality, Kate is a successful investment banker living in New York City who happens to be a witness to an alleged suicide on a yacht but who will, of course, play some sort of role in the crime's resolution. In the green reality, Kate is a drugged up ex-movie star who is a suspect in the brutal murder of her drug addict/party monster boyfriend. But in both realities, Kate suffered the loss of her sister in a freak surfing accident (seriously, I can't even make this stuff up) during her adolescence, which ends up playing a huge part in who she ultimately becomes as an adult. In the red reality, Kate provides the lynchpin to the whole investigation when the murderer accidentally spills drug-spiked-wine on her dress and the police use it to bust the bad guy. In the green reality, Kate is, well, responsible for the murder. She's goin' to jail.

On the familial side of things, Rex gets into a fight with a friend over a tennis racket, and no one can seem to figure out why, even though it's pretty obvious that the racket held special value because it was his mother's. I mean. Come on guys. Especially you, Detective Britten. Get your head in the metaphorical game. (And in case you doubt me, I was right. Rex admits to getting violent/emotional over the racket because it was mom's. And he apologizes to the kid. All's well that ends well.) This whole exchange did provide for some wonderfully flirtatious exchanges between Michael and the Hot Tennis Coach. That's probz going to get weird when Michael starts sleeping with her in the green reality but has a wife in the red one... it's not cheating if it's in a dream state, am I right? He got hoes in different… subconscious realities… Doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Ahem. Moving on. What's important here is that Michael isn't sure how to reach Rex and get their communication back on track. Every time he tries to approach Rex to talk about the fight, Rex rebuffs him, so Michael goes to sleep, wakes up in the red reality with his wife and covertly gets parenting advice from her. Because that's healthy.

So all the important stuff really comes out in the last two or three minutes of the episode, when Michael is having parallel conversations with the two Kates. In the green reality, Kate talks about how the death of her sister sent her into a tailspin, and how she kept rejecting the help and support of her mother, who, after years of trying to break through to Kate, eventually gave up. So note to parents: don't give up on your kids if you don't want them to become murdering drug addicts. In the red reality, Kate talks about how lucky she was to have a mother that, despite being rejected a thousand times, went for "1,001." With her mother's support, she was able to overcome the grief of losing her sister and grow from it, which drove her to be the successful adult she ultimately became. With this handy-dandy knowledge, Michael is able to have a heart-to-heart with Rex, and they live to fight another day.

Next week looks like we'll finally see the ugly side of what really happens to a person when he's living in two different realities, as they start to bleed into one another and the mysterious/sinister police chief returns. Check back next week to see what happens!

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