Awake, Episode 12

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HOUSTON - So, last we left our heroes…

Michael had just realized that the car accident that led to the death of his wife/son wasn't so much an accident as a murder attempt, and that the guy behind it all is this cop named Ed Hawkins.

Lights up on Michael trying to explain these revelations to his shrinks in both realities, and neither one of them is buying it. They think he is inventing this explanation as a way to cope with the guilt he feels over killing his wife/son, and that the memory is a figment of his traumatized imagination. Michael is having none of this. He has this Memento style "clue map" set up in the garage with all of the information he can gather about Ed Hawkins and the accident, and if no one else will help him solve this, gosh darn it he'll solve it himself.

In the green reality, Michael is worried for Rex's safety once he blows the cover off this thang, so he sends him away to Aunt Carol's for the weekend. Michael seems a little cray cray—turns out, he hasn't been going in to work, but instead been working on the aforementioned clue map. Bird gets worried and goes to Michael's house to see what's actually going on. Michael's not home, so Bird does the only logical police thing and starts snooping about. He finds the clue map and goes to see Dr. Evans in the hopes of getting some more insight as to what is up with is partner. So, according to basically every single law of doctor-patient-and-especially-psychiatrist-patient confidentiality, Dr. Evans can't say anything. But that sly little minx gives Bird enough of a hint and implies that he should be worried. This seems highly illegal and not cool of Dr. Evans, which is why she will always be inferior to Dr. Lee/BD Wong.

Cut back to Michael, who, to be fair, has in fact gone off the deep end and is stalking Hawkins at home. Michael breaks in, pulls a gun on the guy, shoots him in the leg and threatens to shoot out both knees if he doesn't confess about the murder attempt. Hawkins isn't that strong a dude and confesses that it all comes back to Westfield (FLASH BACK TO THE TACO STAND—REMEMBER THE TACO STAND?!). So here's the deal: Narcotics cops have been taking heroin from crime scenes into evidence and then selling it themselves. They were keeping their stash at Westfield until Britten started asking questions about it. Then they decided Britten had to go. The moral of the story: EFF THE PO-LICE. But not really. You should always obey police officers, and stay within the letter of the law. This message sponsored by real police everywhere.

Anyway, Michael wants some hard evidence to support this, because, as any good paranoid person knows, without the evidence to back up your crazy conspiracy theory, you're just… a paranoid crazy person. So Hawkins tells Britten about this encrypted file on his computer, but before Britten can get it, Hawkins is up and smashing Michael over the head with a fire poker. Meanwhile, Bird is at Hawkins' house because he knows something has got to be going down after seeing all that craziness in Michael's garage, and walks in just as Michael has shot Hawkins and killed him. RUT ROH! OFFICER DOWN! Michael is left with no choice but to knock Bird out, handcuff him and take him hostage. What else is a maybe-deranged-and-definitely-crazed-with-revenge cop to do?

In the red reality, Michael reaches out to the overly facially follicled Detective Bird, who is also Ed Hawkins partner in the West division and they meet up. Obviously, Hawkins is suspicious and follows Bird, snapping a photo or seven of the two of them conspiratorially exchanging information. He goes crying to the captain and Ominous Suit Man who turns out to be none other than the CAPTAIN OF THE WEST DIVISION! Everyone of authority sucks. They pow-wow and decide that yes, in fact, both men must die. The chief has an emotional moment. No one cares.

Michael has given Bird the mission of extracting the encrypted file from Hawkins' computer, all Mission Impossible style. You remember that part where Tom Cruise dangles from the ceiling and gets the file off the computer on a stone-age floppy disk and then the whole bead of sweat threatens to drop on the floor thing happens, right? This was not like that. But Bird did successfully take the file off Hawkins' computer. Bird has stuff to do, so they plan to rendezvous at Bird's place later. He tells Michael to use the hidden key if he's not home. This does not bode well. Britten gets the thing decrypted at some super hipster underground hacking place and then goes to meet up with Bird to show him his findings. As I watched the episode, I actually said out loud to myself, "5 bucks says Bird is dead." I was alone at the time. Anyway, NBC owes me 5 smackeroos because Bird was dead. And there's Hawkins, standing there with his gun pointed at Michael, and then they have the obligatory "I'm the bad guy so I'll tell you everything I did and how I did it and how I'm going to pin it on you" while Michael did the obligatory "I'm the hero so I'm going to stall and let you tell me your plans while I psych you out with a piece of information you didn't know I had." Textbook. Michael gets away, but gets hardcore shot in the stomach.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, the lady chief has ordered a full-on manhunt for Britten, blaming him for Bird's murder. She sucks. But you know who doesn't suck? Vega! He tells the chief he doesn't think Michael did it and she gets REAL pissed.

Back to the green reality, where Bird has managed to knock Michael out and handcuff him in the back of the car where they decrypt the file using the password Michael got in the red reality, and with this information in hand, go see the chief. The chief pretends to have no idea what they're talking about, looks at the evidence (which is a lease agreement signed by Hawkins and the Ominous Suit Man hitherto known as Captain Cassel) and tells Bird to go check it out. Michael is then put in a holding cell until Bird comes back with the evidence.

And thus ends the second to last episode of Awake! Check back next time for the recap of the season finale.

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