Awake, Episode 11

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HOUSTON - Watching this week's installment of Awake reminded me of why exactly I was so excited about this show in the first place. It also reminded me that Jason Isaacs is THE MOST AMAZING ACTOR EVER. Ok, maybe not ever, but he's definitely awesome. And it's no longer just because he played Lucius Malfoy so perfectly in the Harry Potter movies.

This week, we start off in the green reality as Michael takes Rex and Emma to the carnival. Emma wants to go bungee jumping which is when we learn that Michael has a fear of heights. On the platform, Michael gets dizzy and FALLS OFF THE PLATFORM?! SERIOUSLY?! Way to bring to life one of my worst fears ever, NBC. Now I'll never try that ride at the Rodeo. He's falling, he's falling…

He wakes up in the red reality. And things are normal—Michael and Hannah take their dead son's baby mama to the doctor for a sonogram because her parents have seemingly abandoned her; Michael has a case about a psycho killer on the loose—just your average day. He goes to sleep and wakes up… in the red reality.


Michael goes to see BD Wong Therapist Supreme to find out how he can get back to Rex and the green reality, but Dr. Lee thinks that Michael is having a breakthrough. He says that falling is one of the most classic ways to end a dream (duh hello yes I saw Inception), and that this could finally mean that Michael is accepting his son's death. So… did Michael die in the green reality in a freak bungee-jumping accident? Was the green reality a dream all along? Is Detective Bird doomed to that horrendous facial hair he's sporting in the red reality forever?! Let's continue.

After Michael leaves Dr. Lee's office, he starts hallucinating. A strange man with a big chin appears, and we recognize him from the green reality— Michael had bumped into this dude at the carnival right before the whole bungee jumping fiasco. So what does this guy represent? While we contemplate, Michael passes out on the job and starts remembering something from the moment right before the accident. Rex and Hannah are singing the lyrics of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," specifically the part that goes "I see a little silhouette of a man… " Something tells me this will be important later. Michael wakes up, and keeps having hallucinations of this guy, which actually becomes helpful as he provides some clues in Michael's psycho killer case. Way to be useful, Mr. Hallucination Man!

Meanwhile, Michael meets with Emma's father to talk about why he shouldn't suck so much, but then spots the real life guy he's been hallucinating on the street (thanks to the help of, well, Mr. Hallucination Man). Michael chases him, loses him, causes a huge traffic accident and runs away from the scene. Bad call. However, do we find out who this guy is—apparently, he's a COP. THE PLOT THICKENS. Not only is he a cop, he is now partnered with Detective Bird! THE PLOT KEEPS THICKENING. Not only is he now partnered with Detective Bird, Ed Hawkins (that's Mr. Hallucination Man's name) was one of the first officers on the scene of Michael's accident! SO MUCH THICKENING OF PLOT.

Snap to another memory Michael has of those moments before the accident. Some new lyrics to consider: "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality." Take home message: "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the answer to all of life's major questions. As Michael remembers these fragments, he starts to believe that Dr. Lee might actually be right, that Rex really is dead and the green reality was all a figment of his imagination. Cue brilliant acting moments.

So Michael starts the grieving process, which includes turning in his badge and gun after the big traffic accident he caused, and then taking off his red wristband before bed. Looks like it'll be the red reality from here on out…

BUT WAIT! Michael has one more memory. He remembers seeing Officer Hawkins in a car right behind his… the car that hit him and caused the accident that killed his son/wife/WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON ANYMORE.

Michael wakes up in the green reality. But who can we trust now? Is Detective Bird compromised? Can he trust anyone on the force? THINGS ARE GETTING REAL, PEOPLE.

Only two episodes left in the first season of Awake. Check back to see how real things get… or don't get.

And on that cryptic note…

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