Awake, Episode 10

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HOUSTON - While watching this week's episode of Awake, it became rather clear that the whole moving to Portland thing was never really going to happen, right? Because what better reason to stick around is there than a BABY! Hannah is feeling all sorts of baby crazy this episode, as she and Michael go to meet Emma, Rex's girlfriend, and her parents to discuss options for little Rex/Roxanne, Jr. currently baking in Emma's oven. Emma's parents are pretty set on the whole closed adoption thing, wanting to ensure Emma can still have a life post teenage pregnancy. Upon hearing this, Hannah quickly offers to adopt the baby, which would work out stupendously well for Michael, keeping him in LA, allowing him to have another child with Hannah, and keep a piece of Rex alive in the red reality. Unfortunately for them, Emma's parents are not feeling it. They want the closed adoption, they want closure for Emma, and they're not willing to budge on the subject. And while what Emma says is in line with her parents' thinking, her deeper feelings might indicate otherwise…

So while all of this baby news is precious and exciting, there's a slightly less precious and exciting side to staying in LA and not moving to Portland. Remember Ominous Suit Man? Yeah, he's still around. We've recently discovered one of his favorite pastimes is heroin distribution, and that Michael's continued presence in LA is keeping him and his buyers from the product. And things would've been A-OK if Michael was still planning on leaving the city— Michael could have started a new life, the police chief wouldn't have had to keep lying, and Ominous Suit Man could have sold his drugs in peace. But now that Michael might stay, Ominous Suit Man is going to want to go ahead and kill him, for real this time. That's the bad news that comes along with the baby. If only this shady police chief lady could find a way to suck less and help Michael more…

Meanwhile, in the green reality, Detectives Britten and Bird have what appears to be your standard, run-of-the-mill weed dealer shooting, with an old lady getting shot and killed in the crossfire. But after catching some small, incredibly far-fetched connective detail in the red reality, from a case Vega just solved all by his lonesome since his partner is supposed to be moving to Portland, Michael discovers that the weed dealer was killed after the old lady, making her the prime target and the weed dealer the poor unfortunate soul caught in the crossfire. So, with the old lady as the new focus, Britten and Bird discover that the landlord, Curtis Wilson, has been trying to sell the building, but the old lady was the only one who wouldn't move out. They find the guy Wilson paid to shoot the old lady, plant a wire on him, and get a confession out of Wilson. Case closed.

Back in the red reality, Hannah is kind of staking Emma, bringing her presents and trying to not so subtly convince her to not give the baby up for adoption. At first, Emma is freaked out (because, let's be real, it's kind of creepy to have your dead boyfriend's mom tryna adopt your unborn baby), and she shuts Hannah down real hard. But then she shows up on Hannah and Michael's doorstep, rather upset, and tells them they were right, her parents were trying to force her to give up the baby, and she didn't want to. So now, the girlfriend of the Brittens' dead son who is carrying their grandchild has run away from home and is sleeping on their couch. This means that Michael needs to un-quit his job at the precinct, since it looks like he and Hannah will be sticking around LA for a while. Michael breaks this news to the shady police chief at his own going-away party, and things are not looking good for her, or Ominous Suit Man, or least of all Michael.

Previews for next week show Michael stuck in the red reality without a way to get back to the green- is this the end of his little mental disorder? Was the red reality the real reality all along? Does this mean BD Wong reigns therapist supreme?! Check back next week to find out.

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