Don't get left behind: Click2Houston offers 2 new features to help keep you in the loop

You'll want to enable desktop alerts, see how commenting got a whole lot better


Do you ever wake up, grab your phone and think to yourself, “What did I miss?” Or have you ever stepped away from your computer or tablet for more than a few minutes and asked yourself a similar question?

It’s natural to want to stay “in the know,” as they say. And our team at Click2Houston wants to help you do just that -- which is why we’ve introduced some cool new features.

Maybe you’ve spotted this already, but starting Wednesday, when you signed in to our site, did you notice that you can now view a list of all the breaking news alerts that were sent while you were away? Just open up the tray from your profile button in the top right to see them.

In this stream of updates, you will also see any comments on stories you've been following, along with updates from commenters you’re tracking. We think you'll find these changes to be major upgrades.

We want to make sure you don’t miss a beat, especially when it comes to the stories, reports and weather updates that matter the most to you.

One more thing to mention: When you log in to the site using a Chrome or a Firefox browser, you will now have an option to turn on or subscribe to desktop alerts. Have you used these before? They’re very easy to set up, and you’ll be glad you did. Desktop alerts are just like push notifications sent from our mobile app, except that they arrive on your computer and direct you to the website. Whether you're in the office or on a home computer, you'll wonder what you did before you had this option.

In the future, we expect this to function on other browser types, as well. So if you prefer something such as Safari, hang tight!

As news breaks and stories shape our local communities, the nation and the world, our readers and viewers are an important piece of the puzzle. We never want you to feel left out. It should be easy for you to participate in our conversations and stay on top of the stories that count the most in your world.

So what do you think? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.