Rockets fans hopeful after Game 1 loss to Warriors

By Cathy Hernandez - Reporter
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Draymond Green, of the Golden State Warriors, handles the ball against P.J. Tucker, of the Houston Rockets, in the first quarter in Game One of the Western Conference Finals of the 2018 NBA Playoffs at Toyota Center on May 14, 2018, in Houston.

HOUSTON - Rockets players and fans stayed positive after a big loss against Golden State in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals on Monday.

“I am a little bit sad but I think the Rockets have it to pull it through for the rest of the series, we are amazing, forget the negative energy everyone saying that they’re going to beat us, we’re going to do amazing,” said Victoria Shorter. 

In the long-awaited showdown, the Warriors beat the Rockets 119-106.

“I’m feeling we got to go to Game Two with no other option,” said Vincent Velarde. “Obviously, it’s going to be a battle, an uphill battle from now but we got to keep battling that’s what we got to do.”

For two friends, Jeff and Marquis, it’s personal.

“Oh, it’s a great rivalry between us two. Nothing special but it feels good today to see a win,” said Warrior fan Jeff Ilegbode.

“I just don’t want to hear his mouth, that’s all I have to hear it, so it’s horrible right now,” said fan Marquis McLihcle. 

Rockets were winning at one point and James Harden scored 41 points. But, it wasn’t enough to win and it wasn’t enough to stop Kevin Durant who had 37 points.

“We’re all in this together so it doesn’t matter who has a bad game or missing shots. We’re in this and whether it’s myself or Chris or anybody, keep going,” said James Harden. “Keep shooting your shot and keep being aggressive. We've gotten this far doing that and having that mindset so we’re just gonna continue it.”

The Rockets are ready to refocus and come out strong in Game 2.

“We’ll make some adjustments on little things that we can do better. To knock these guys out, we got to offensively, as well,” said Rockets Head Coach Mike D'Antoni.

Game 2 is at Toyota Center at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

“It’s a disappointing loss. Hopefully, we can bounce back for game two on Wednesday,” said Silas Richmond.

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