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McIlvoy on Rockets, Astros, Texans

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HOUSTON - Greetings from the mothership of Houston Sports... KPRC Local 2 Sports..

 Hot enough for ya?  Dog days of summer are here, sports scene slowing down just a tad before things ramp up later in July.

Texans are in their short break and a few of the guys I've spoken to and run into in the community are resting but they are anxious to get out there and knock heads.  The Road to a Super Bowl begins July 26 and they feel like there is some unfinished finished.

Think J.J. Watt is motivated?  He told a group of kids at a camp in Wisconsin last week that the work never stops because when you quit working in this game, you don't get the fun stuff anymore !


Rockets draft is tomorrow?  Currently own the 34th overall pick in the 2nd round of the Draft but if they can't get this trade of Thomas Robinson done to the Cavs, Bulls or any other team interested, the Cap room will be there to go after Dwight Howard and offer the big fella in LA a Max Deal.   5 years, 118 million or maybe 4 years, 88 million. 

I wouldn't be picky.

NBA Free agency begins next week!