McIlvoy: Rockets better at 7th or 8th? Texans, Astros

McIlvoy on Rockets playoff push and more

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HOUSTON - Greetings from the Post-Newsweek  Mothership,  KPRC Local 2 Sports  high atop the compound along the Southwest Freeway..

Well... really we're ground level from the Sports wing of the newsroom but that sounded good didn't it ?  

There is plenty to dive into.


Let's begin with the Rockets who will take it to the final game of the regular season to determine their playoff seeding.  Trust me, they want no part of the 6th seed and a date with Denver.  The Nuggets are not a great matchup and they rarely lose at home.

The Rockets were stunned Monday in Phoenix to put them in this position so it's down to beating the Lakers and hoping the Warriors lose to Portland and then the 6th seed is there's.  A loss to the Lakers and the Rockets will fall to #8 and a date with OKC in Round 1.

If that happens , go ahead and make those late spring vacation plans. That series won't last long.

Overall, this has been a fun year to cover the Rockets. The arrival of James Harden was huge and he's fit right in and built chemistry with Jeremy Lin.  Add in the emergence of Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik and this team has a bright future.

Now it's time to grow up and step up Wednesday against the Kobe-less Lakers.


We are a little over a week from the NFL Draft and I think I've read my last Mock Draft. I'm amazed that folks actually devote time to stuff like that. 

Here's the deal,  nobody knows except team reps that will make the decisions and none of those , even here in Houston , will give info to anybody in the media. Teams keep their strategies under wraps until it's time to make the pick.  That said, some like to spend time and energy guessing at 1st round picks, more power to them,  but I'll wait on guys like Texans GM Rick Smith to tell me what they are going to do.  I'm a believer that fans don't buy into it either.

I've seen several Mocks nationally and locallly and in some cases-  multiple versions.  End of the day , each year they're not consistent and more importantly, nobody except team officals are inside the building at Reliant or any other NFL complex across the country. I really don't remember the last Mock Draft  that was remotely close to the actual list that played out. It just rarely happens and that's for a reason.

So,  let's all sit back and wait for it to unfold.  As with every year,  things will change starting in the first round and throughout the draft. There will be plenty of surprises.

The Texans desperately need a WR in this draft and through Free Agency. Will they go that route or take a safer pick on the OL or defensively ?   Stay tuned and we'll all know starting next Thursday when the draft begins.

By the way, the Texans Draft Party begins Thursday, April 25 at 6pm at Reliant. You have to have a ticket to get in.


Final thoughts on the Astros.  Just over a week ago this team was shellshocked after an opening 1-5 homestand to begin the 2013 season.  Since then they have settled down and shown some flash at the plate while the pitching staff, for the most part , has gotten the job done. 

Is there plenty of work ahead? You bet.  

Will this team struggle most of the season?  Absolutely.

I'm a baseball diehard and have been for the 40 years I've gone to Astros games.  I've stuck with them ( and the Rockets too !)  through the good times and bad.   These are young players and there's more in the pipeline.

I believe in Jeff Luhnow and the direction he and Jim Crane want with this team. I also believe that Bo Porter is the perfect fit to guide a team like this. I hope Bo is around a long time.

Good times are ahead for the Astros so be patient and go out and support them.   Then again, Rockets fans have not done that this season which has been disappointing.