VYPE 411: AJ Harrell of The John Cooper School

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Volleyball season is right around the corner! AJ Harrell of The John Cooper School is ready for a breakout season and looks to lead the Dragons to a deep playoff run. VYPE caught up with Harrell for the 411 on the star from The John Cooper School.

VYPE: How long have you been playing Volleyball and how did you get your start?

Harrell: This will be my 5th year playing volleyball, and I started playing on a whim in 7th grade. All my friends were doing it so I decided, "Why not?"

VYPE: Go-to pregame meal? Routine?

Harrell: My go-to pregame meal is a huge sweet potato with a huge salad. Then I listen to "You Rock My World" by Michael Jackson, do the same warm-up every time, and tell myself "Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

VYPE: Favorite subject in school?

Harrell: My favorite subject is math by far.

VYPE: What's your biggest strength? Or What do You Bring to Your Team?

Harrell: I tend to stay calm and positive during a pressure situation.

VYPE: Off the field, what is your favorite thing to do?

Harrell: Off the court I like to draw or dance around my room singing for as long as I can.