The Age-Old Question: How Many Minutes of Exercise Do I Need Each Day?

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Physical activity is an important part of adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle but some individuals are misinformed about exercise. From the online posts, to social media, there is a plethora of misinformation that people are willing to try, and even pay for, just to get the results they crave. It is well accepted that not all exercise is created equal, however individuals become consumed with immediate satisfaction and tend to forget that proven guidelines exist.

Leading health organizations recommend being active on most days of the week and provide guidelines that are needed to develop a useful, effective program. Lastly, these guidelines enable the participant to take a more active role in their fitness by providing session goals that can be tracked simply with the use of a smart watch.

To learn about the different exercise recommendations (by age group) and the many positives that come with daily exercise, check out this blog.

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