UIL releases guidelines for summer strength and conditioning workouts, set to begin June 8

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HOUSTON - The University Interscholastic League released its guidelines for the beginning of Summer Strength & Conditioning workouts, which is set for June 8.

The UIL released its detailed guidelines on Friday morning, which included social distancing measures and more.

First, the workouts are voluntary and are not required for each school to do. If a school does elect to do the workouts, a few notable restrictions are in place.

One staff member per 20 students will be the quota during strength and conditioning sessions. During sports specific activities there is a maximum of 15 students per working group outdoors and a max of 10 per group indoors. While exercises are not going on "students and staff must maintain at least six feet of distance".

For the sport specific activities instruction, athletes can participate in that 90 minutes per day but only 60 minutes per day in a single sport Monday through Friday. Sports balls used for these have to be "regularly disinfected" during the workout and not shared with another group.

Indoor workouts will be allowed while maintaining a 25% capacity with workout stations set 10 feet apart on all sides and all equipment thoroughly disinfected after each use. The locker rooms and showers will remain closed and athletes will have to show up dressed and ready.

Currently, a strength and conditioning session can not be more than two consecutive hours per day Monday through Friday.

Also, according to the UIL website, no competitive drills involving one or more students on offensive against one or more students on defensive may be conducted during sports specific activities.