The Woodlands High School freshman Julieta Valdes talks road to recovery after major health scare

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HOUSTON - It's been a long three weeks for Julieta Valdes.

The Woodlands High School freshman has spent them laid up in a hospital bed at Texas Children's Houston recovering from sudden cardiac arrest, which she suffered on May 3 while working out.

It has been a tough road, including having to be helped to just walk down the hall again, but Valdes says she is feeling great about her progress.

"Good, I'm really happy to be getting to my release date and getting to go home," "It's been a long three weeks. I'm feeling great, I'm finally off tubes and I'm really excited. My mom and I are really anxious to go home. I'm working really hard towards that."

On May 3, Valdes was doing push-ups when it all happened.

According to Valdes' post on her GoFundMe page she has always lived with arrhythmia, an abnormal beating of the heart. In an instant with her sister by her side, her heart stopped.

Valdes doesn't remember anything from that day as her family has had to fill in the blanks. She was told she stood up and then collapsed and that's when her sister and eventually first responders sprung into action.

"I would not be here or even as healthy and cognoscente without them," Valdes said. "There's a lot of people that survive the attack but not everyone still have full cognoscente or physical abilities. It's all due to how fast my sister and my mom responded and how fast the first responders came and did their jobs.