The 411: O.D. Wyatt's Lauren Brown

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It is almost fitting that the DFW Girls Track Runner of the Year poll was a race to the finish!

The top two vote getters ended up racking up more than 150,000 of the more than 300,000 votes, so VYPE DFW decided to name co-winners and catch up with both of the track stars.

We start with Lauren Brown of O.D. Wyatt High School to learn more about the junior - who set a pair of personal records in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash this season - including how'd she get her start in track, what she does off the track and more.

VYPE: How long have you been running track and how did you get your start?

BROWN: "I started running track at the age of 7. My mother was a big influence on me wanting to be great at track. She's in the TCU record books. In our house we are a track family and my 4-year-old sister is next."

VYPE: What is your favorite thing about track?

BROWN: "My favorite thing about track is the opportunity that it gives me to show the gift that God has blessed me with. I like the fun times that I have with my teammates but I really enjoy stepping up to the line and competing at the highest levels. We have some of the fastest girls in the US right here in DFW. Working out with and competing with them is definitely a favorite of mine because it forces me to improve.

VYPE: Go-to pregame meal? Routine?

BROWN: "My pregame meal usually takes place the day before. My family and I go to Olive Garden. The morning of meet day, I eat oatmeal for breakfast, and fruit throughout the day. My favorite fruit is apples but I can't eat them right now because of #braces! I usually eat a sandwich too. I drink lots of water. LOTS OF WATER. My routine for the day involves a lot of mental preparations. I visualize my races for the day. I see myself going through all the phases of each of my races. I try to get focused way before I actually run. If your mind isn't in it you won't run your best. On the way to the meet my Dad turns on my meet day song, Kirk Franklin's God Like You... DO YOU WANT THAT BOUNCE!?! That's the last song I hear before I get out of the vehicle. We've been doing that for some years now. We do our father/daughter handshake and I go prepare to compete. I do put some "hype songs" on to get me pumped up during my warm up though!"

VYPE: Favorite subject in school?

BROWN: "English. I talk a lot so I write too much and get in trouble for it from my teacher. I'm usually the class example when my teacher says don't write as many sentences as Lauren even though my work IS good."

VYPE: What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome on succeeding on the track?

BROWN: "My biggest hurdle is running in the proper position at all times...especially while I'm tired. It's much improved now and my form is pretty good. Being consistent is the key. It's an ongoing thing that keeps getting better and better over time."

VYPE: Off the track, what is your favorite thing to do?

BROWN: "I like to play Spiderman and Fortnite on the PS4. I also play the flute and I am the drum major for my band.

VYPE: In all of your years of track, what is the one memory from the game you'll never forget?

BROWN: "I'll never forget when I finally made the finals at the AAU Junior Olympics when I was 12 years old. I wanted it so bad and worked really hard all summer. It showed me that hard work and dedication pays off."