It was an impressive year for Katy’s girl track standout Jada Campos

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The VYPE Houston Girls Track Runner of the Year Fan Poll gathered more than 170,000 votes and in the end it was Katy’s Jada Campos who pulled off the victory.

This past (shortened) season was impressive for Campos. In the few track meets she had competed it, Campos took first in all of her races. Campos won the 100-meter dash at the Will Taylor Relays, Katy ISD Bubba Fife Relays and the College Station Relays. She also took first at the 200-meter dash in College Station.

VYPE recently caught up with the 2022 prospect:

VYPE: How long have you been running track and how did you get your start?

CAMPOS: "I started running track when I was 9-years-old, so a total of seven years. I have always had a passion to run and when I was younger I would race my cousins all the time, so my parents saw that I had potential and decided to put me in a summer track club."

VYPE: What is your favorite thing about running track?

CAMPOS: "My favorite thing about track is the excitement that I get before, during, and after every competition, it is a feeling that I can't describe."

VYPE: Go-to pregame meal? Routine?

CAMPOS: "I make sure to eat a good protein-filled breakfast before every race day and always eat half a power bar about an hour before my race and last I snack on Chex Mix between races. It might be weird for most but works for me."

VYPE: Favorite subject in school?

CAMPOS: "I would have to say English would be my favorite because I enjoy writing."

VYPE: What are your goals in track for the future? The Olympics?

CAMPOS: "Like most I have many goals for track but here are my goals for the upcoming years. First become a high school state champion. Second, run for a college and third go pro and make the Olympics."

VYPE: Off the track, what is your favorite thing to do?

CAMPOS: "I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and having fun."

VYPE: In all your years of track, what is the one memory you'll never forget?

CAMPOS: “I will never forget making it to the Junior Olympics for the first time when I was 14-years-old and bringing home two gold medals in the 4x100 and 4x400-meter relays. Shoutout to my Track Houston girls!”