Here is a complete guide to Cameo, new online service allowing fans to connect with Houston athletes

FILE PHOTO - Houston Astros P Lance McCuller Jr.
FILE PHOTO - Houston Astros P Lance McCuller Jr. (Getty Images)

HOUSTON – Everyone loves birthday and graduation shoutouts.

A new online service, Cameo, allows people to request personalized videos from their favorite celebrities, which include many Houston-area athletes. Fans can purchase a video shoutout for a fee, which ranges for each person.

Here are the local sports stars on Cameo:


Many of the Texans players and personnel are on Cameo for charity, including Toro, who costs a $100 donation to the Texans Foundation.

Other notable Texans include:

Darren Fells: $45

Tyrell Adams: $50

Charles Omenihu: $15

Outside of the Texans, you can get some pretty expensive shoutouts from NFL legends:

Brett Favre: $300

Vince Young: $150

Bo Jackson: $400

Terry Bradshaw: $500


The Astro mascot Orbit is available for $50, which is half the price of Toro.

The list of Astros players is short on current players, although some had just recently left the team (Robinson Chirinos and Tony Kemp). Lance McCullers Jr. is available for $150.

Other baseball stars include:

Albert Pujols: $500

Fred McGriff: $100


You can get Rockets legend Vernon Maxwell for $100. Other than that, Rockets are slim pickings too.

Other NBA stars include:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: $500

Dennis Rodman: $500


The Houston Dynamo are a little more involved in Cameo with a few reasonably priced players available.

Memo Rodriguez: $12

Christian Ramirez: $15

Darwin Quintero: $15

Darwin Ceren: $20

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