Q&A: Why North Shore’s 2-time state champion signal-caller Dematrius Davis Jr. chose Auburn

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HOUSTON – The cheers from Auburn, Alabama could almost be heard in Houston on Sunday morning.

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn tweeted “Boom!!!!!!!! War Eagle!!!” followed by offensive coordinator Chad Morris tweeting “The Doors just blew off!! #HTown2ATown”.

The Tigers had gotten their future quarterback in North Shore’s Dematrius Davis Jr. — a two-time state champion signal-caller.

Davis becomes the first quarterback from Texas to head to Auburn since Jarrett Stidham — a Stephenville High School grad — went there in the 2017 recruiting cycle after a stint at Baylor and McLelland Community College. Stidham is now with the New England Patriots.

So why Auburn?

It's a program that historically hasn't gotten a lot of players from the Lone Star State with zero players from Texas signing during the 2018 and 2019 cycles. That has changed with the arrival of Morris - who, before his college coaching days was a Texas high school football coach for 16 years.

In the 2020 class, three players — Duncanville safety Chris Thompson Jr., McKinney North tight end Brandon Frazier and Blinn College’s Marco Domio — from Texas signed and now the program has signed its first for the 2021 class.

VYPE caught up with Davis for a Q&A on Monday.

VYPE: How big of a role did Chad Morris play in your recruitment to Auburn?

Davis: "He played a big role. From Facetiming me to texting. We always stayed in communication almost every day throughout the week."

VYPE: Guys that Morris has coached in the past, did you look at that?

Davis: "Yes, you know he coached guys like Deshaun Watson, so that really opened my eyes. All the great things Watson has done and all the money he's making, I want that to be me one day."

VYPE: What’d you like about Gus Malzahn?

Davis: "Everything, there's really nothing to not like about him. He's real straight-up with you. He's coached guys like Cam [Newton], Nick Marshall, guys like that that relate to me. I just want to be able to achieve the same things they did. So, I feel like Coach Malzahn will help me with that."

VYPE: Malzahn and Morris both tweeted that they were excited after you committed, what's that like to see that?

Davis: “They’ve been having that kind of attitude towards me. They told two quarterbacks to not commit before I committed and was still committed to Virginia Tech at the time. They were so tuned in to me, they wanted me. I’m not surprised that those guys are turned up right now.”

VYPE: Do you feel like the book is officially closed on your recruiting process?

Davis: "Right now, I really feel like it's all over. I think I'm going to sign with Auburn. It's a big relief, I can just go into the season and not have to worry about where I'm going to college. Just sign in December and enroll in January."

VYPE: What other factors went into you choosing Auburn?

Davis: "Things like my family being able to see my games. I have family all down through the south. I'd have tons of family being able to make my games."

VYPE: What does it mean to you to be getting a free education and help your family out in that way?

Davis: "It's very big. My parents, they have supported me my whole life. For me to go to college for free, that takes a big ticket off because they don't have to pay all that money now for me to go to college."

VYPE: What was Sunday like after making your announcement?

Davis: "It was great. My day was amazing yesterday."

VYPE: Being in the SEC, you will cross paths with Texas A&M and get a trip to College Station. What will it mean to get to come back close to home and play?

Davis: "I can't wait because most of my friends go to College Station. All of them will be at Texas A&M, while I'm at Auburn. I can't wait for that game to come."

VYPE: What are you doing this offseason to get ready to chase a third state title?

Davis: "I've been working out with my offense about twice a week every week. I've also been working out myself with my dad. I feel like I will be alright, my teammates will be too."

VYPE: Fox Sports Southwest has been running North Shore's last two state title games a lot lately, do you sit there and watch those?

Davis: “I haven’t watched either of those games since the day after the state game. I never watch them. I know the outcome but re-watching games I played in, I just don’t like that. I like highlights.”