EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Zach Evans, TCU's newest enrolee


Zach Evans broke his social media silence on Monday afternoon.

In his first tweet since January 2, Evans simply posted two emojicons - a purple heart and a frog. Which, for the news that broke on Monday morning seemingly confirmed that Evans is heading to TCU.

The five-star prospect has gone through a wild recruiting process, which has been under the microscope of the not only local but the national media for years. VYPE caught up with Evans on Monday, prior to his workout to get a behind the scenes look to what this whole process has been like for him.

VYPE: What went into you choosing TCU?

EVANS: "I chose them because of TCU being close to home and their offensive scheme."

VYPE: This was a wild recruiting process for you can you explain what it was like for you and how challenging it has been?

EVANS: "My recruiting process was crazy but it was a humbling experience for me. I got to open my eyes to the world, it gave me a reality check on certain situations and people. Not everyone is for you, so you have to do what's best for you. Go where you needed not just wanted."

VYPE: What were the highs and lows of this whole process?

EVANS: "It had its lows but it's how you bounce back. How you shake back when a situation at play doesn't go your way."

VYPE: What was the hardest part about being the No. 1 recruit and people always tugging at you?

EVANS: "Trusting, it's blind trust."

VYPE: Were you ever ready to give up on the process?

EVANS: "No. I never wanted to give up, I have too much at risk."

VYPE: What are your expectations going to TCU, what do you want to accomplish?

EVANS: "My expectation going into TCU are very simple and broad. I plan to come in and do three years and become a top draft pick. I chose TCU because they'll allow me to show my versatility as a player. I don't just want to run the ball."

VYPE: What are some things you've seen written or said about you that you would want to address?

EVANS: "I've seen a lot but I want to address the good and the bad with a simple 'preciate it'."