VYPE U: Q&A with Strake Jesuit standout Drew Leach

Going into this season, senior Drew Leach was Strake Jesuit's most highly touted pitcher, and was set to have a great season. However, as all UIL activities have been suspended for the rest of the academic year, Drew's high school career has been cut short.

Unlike others who were planning on using their senior season to prove themselves to college programs, Leach had attracted offers from many Division 1 schools throughout his time playing for the Crusaders. This past November, Leach committed to play for the Baylor Bears.

In anticipation of his collegiate career, as well as to look back at his time in the Strake Jesuit Baseball program, VYPE was able to catch up with Drew.

Q: What were you looking forward to the most going into your senior season?

Drew: I was really looking forward to playing with some of my best friends. We are a very close group of guys and I think we could have done great things.

Q: What was your initial reaction after hearing that UIL confirmed there would be no season?

Drew: I was very upset as most people could have guessed, but I also feel remorse for some of my teammates who unfortunately don't have an opportunity to play at the next level or chose to end their career here.

Q: How will you prepare in the age of social distancing to play for Baylor next year?

Drew: It's no different than any off season, except for the fact that i can't practice with a team. I think it's going to test my work ethic for sure because this will be all self driven from now until I can play with a team again.

Q: What was your biggest accomplishment as a Strake Jesuit baseball player?

Drew: This accomplishment isn't a personal one, rather something the senior did as a group. We had a meeting with Coach Garcia-Rameau not too long ago, and he described us as a high energy team that has a lot of fun. I think that we brought a little bit of life into a game that is very difficult.

Q: What stood out at Baylor that ultimately made you choose to become a Bear?

Drew: So, something that stood out to me at Baylor is the environment that the coaches uphold. It is very similar to the way Coach Garcia-Rameau runs his program at Strake. It gives Baylor a very "at home" feel.

Q: What will you miss the most about Strake Jesuit baseball?

Drew: The thing I will miss the most about Strake Jesuit baseball and the school in general is the brotherhood among the students. Everyone is friends with everyone and I think that's a very unique thing.